Thursday, September 23, 2010

Christina Aguilera and 'Royal Desire'

As usual at this time of start to the season and so close to Christmas we could see it as something like a pre-Christmas season, all the celebrities begin to uncover the campaigns that put the face and signature.

If you recently talked about the Beckham's fragrances, now we show you the advertising campña the new fragrance from Christina Aguilera. This is the fifth fragrance launches singer, this time under the name of 'Royal Desire' (Real Desire) and highlight the campaign with a 'Feel Like a Queen "(Feel like a queen).

With a very Marikyn Monroe look, a style that the singer has taken in recent years, Christina appears in a somewhat awkward pose, promoting the perfume will sell for $ 42 U.S..

What do you think the advertising campaign? Would you buy Christina Aguilera's perfume?

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