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Finale of the Pasarela Cibeles: Elio Berhanyer Spring-Summer 2011

Pasarela Cibeles: Elio Berhanyer Spring-Summer 2011

After six days of saturation fashionable and trendy, the Pasarela Cibeles place your order. Before Berhanyer Elio parade, one of the most anticipated designers, the Awards were handed L'Oreal de la Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week. Presented by the top Almudena Fernandez this year's awards were for the designer Teresa Helbig, Best Collection, and the Basque Alazne Bilbao, just 19 years, the best model.

At 81 years and with an impressive career in the fashion world, Elio Berhanyer continues to surprise in each parade. Elegance and glamor are the main themes of each of their designs. where the dresses are the highlight of the entire sample. A collection inspired by nature and a distinguished and extremely feminine woman.

How do you know one of my favorite colors is red, and this post is open to the design that I found most beautiful of the entire collection. A stunning red strapless dress, skirt and tail ending ruffled layers. Beautiful!

Pasarela Cibeles: Elio Berhanyer Spring-Summer 2011

Dresses are the protagonists. And we see three trends in a variety of bright fabrics and fall: from discrete floral prints on white, very fluffy.

Pasarela Cibeles: Elio Berhanyer Spring-Summer 2011

Pin up inspired dresses with tight bodies and skirts with ruffles;


And the always stylish black, perfect for the night, gauze, pads and rhinestones.

Pasarela Cibeles: Elio Berhanyer Spring-Summer 2011

Cordoba bet designer prints inspired by nature. Thus, combining lavender, pink, green and blue colors mixed land or proposed brown flowers on a white canvas and enveloping light gowns.

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All models are designed in silk, and the prints are made exclusively in Italy for the designer.

Elio Berhanyer ons

As supplements, Berhanyer proposed for cocktail dresses headdresses made especially for the occasion by designer Paula's Waltz, also responsible for designing the bags. Jewels are exclusive designs by L'Cadó, while the shoes are the signature Santino.

In the front row again Lomana Carmen, Pitita Ridruejo and actresses Norma Ruiz and Laura Valenzuela.

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