Thursday, September 23, 2010

Juanjo Oliva in Spring-Summer 2011 Pasarela Cibeles

Juanjo Oliva spring 2011

While most designers are turning to white and nude for the upcoming Spring-Summer 2011, Juanjo Oliva is distinguished with an explosion of color, who is not afraid to mix pink and red, fuchsia with green, red or blue sky . Pairs to marry much better than expected.

Juanjo Cibeles celebrates 10 years in reviewing their most desired and again women fall in love with that style, but inspired by a strong, independent woman. His designs embrace get a woman's body draped, asymmetrical necklines and fabrics fall.

The futuristic touch they put the colored plastic straps.

Juanjo Oliva PV3

The gray cotton overalls force is used to short and casual clothing silhouettes that stand in their belts.

Juanjo Oliva pv

Long dresses for evening are filled with bright colors also without any qualms.

Juanjo Oliva night pv

Although it was not sensational, Juanjo Oliva recreate one of the best collections of Cybele, which is not complicated after the boredom and repetition level reached this year.

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