Friday, September 24, 2010

Supplements to enhance sexuality

Suplementos para potenciar la sexualidad

Sexuality is part of our everyday life and keep it stable, helps us to improve the rhythms of everyday life, improves mood and makes us feel good, so when we are sexually active, there is no way not to look good.

There are some supplements that can be implemented in the daily diet can help improve our sexuality.

  • L-arginine, is an excellent stimulant and in the case of men, aid to the availability of sperm and can enhance any medical treatment for erectile dysfunction.

  • Ginseng, for both women and men is an excellent sexual stimulant.
  • Damiana and short, damiana leaves and the root-sum are good aphrodisiacs and have beneficial results for those seeking a better life and sexual stimulation.

As for the joint care, much could be said, we must be conscious is that we must always keep them healthy through good nutrition, and working with physical activity, so it does not deteriorate and inconvenience us unhealthy .

Find for it a dietary supplement called glucosamine, which helps the production of cartilage, and is very beneficial to repair damage caused by osteoarthritis. This substance protects and strengthens the joints, relieving pain and encouraging in cases of numbness.

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