Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rihanna, Marie Claire UK, December

Although just last week was released the November issue of the British edition of Marie Claire magazine, responsible for the publication and have brought to light that will be the cover of the December issue, featuring none other Unless the singer Rihanna.

As last issue of Marie Claire's house has pulled the sale and made an impressive and festive photo session with the singer of 'I love the way you lie', and take advantage of the pull of their new album 'Loud' , which goes on sale in late November.

On the cover, the singer Rihanna wears a pink feather jacket to match your makeup and the rest of the pictures, looks the same jacket and a stunning white dress with embedded stones which further enhance the fire red hair.

Red carpet at the Rome Film Festival premiere of La Dolce Vita

Charlotte Casiraghi at the Rome Film Festival premiere of La Dolce Vita

And still more red carpet at the Rome Film Festival, this time with stunning design worthy of comment in one of the busiest nights of the festival. And that was premiered newly restored version of La Dolce Vita by Federico Fellini.

Creative Director Frida Giannini turned to the red carpet accompanied by Martin Scorsese, and after the screening offered an exclusive dinner at the Terrazza degli Aranci to celebrate the 50 th anniversary of La Dolce Vita. The dinner was attended by many guests and all dressed in Gucci, the most prominent Charlotte Casiraghi, who was very smart but e short, as to such acts have to go long. She better than anyone else has to know protocol.

Charlotte wore a stunning dress Gucci cocktail in light gray and purple embroidered with sequins. Combined it with python sandals dark gray, matching clutch and a diamond bracelet Chiodo.

The best of the week 25 to October 31


How about Halloween? This weekend sure many of you have dressed drawing date. Some may have taken ideas from celebrities to get dressed , while many of these famous seem disguised although that is not his intention, as Taylor Momsen of evil doll .

Brands and to launch special editions at night thinking of the witches, and great company and Dolores Promesas . And my question is: Do we celebrate this American holiday of pure marketing and is the perfect excuse for fun one night a year?.

Taylor Momsen, "ready for Halloween?

The Night of the Living Dead, or better known as Halloween is just around the corner and while our country is starting to become a tradition in the United States is one of the most anticipated events of the year.

Crazy celebrities attending Halloween parties and always made the costumes analysis of each of them, but seems to be a celebrity that is already prepared (right?) For the scariest night of the year.

Taylor is Momson, which was the innocent, transformed into a rebel, Jenny Humphrey, in the largest series of television fashion, Gossip Girl. And the girl, who was only 17 years, was planted in this manner at an event held at the Roxy Theater in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

No, although it seems that Taylor is gearing up for Halloween is not so, is dressed in normal (yes, really) and his style is ever more terrifying.

We do not want to imagine what will be your Halloween costume. Just the idea of disguise is to dress normally and not be not an ounce of makeup. We look forward to it happening.

Baby steps.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall Trends: 17. Beauty vol.II

We continue with the volume two of trends in beauty, this time on hair and other aesthetic aspects. Take note!

1. Tabs. Forget the mascara colors and play your natural lashes and your eye make curling your lashes, marking a lot and for the most daring, use them to create a fucking cat and femme fatale!

2. Melena. Long live the grunge style that will let us sleep longer! That is over half an hour of waking up early to fix her hair. Now you do not need, and you get the look of newly erected with unkempt hair and disheveled. Forget the curls and let your hair be free and look so natural!

By the way, no more bangs and bring in a lateral stripe covering the forehead with hair, hair becomes more in.

3. Eyebrows. Review the Marx brothers' films, because this fall thick eyebrows to Groucho Marx are the ultimate trend. Thick eyebrows, shaggy and some men are more chic detail on your face, giving you a look strong and powerful. Despeinalas with a brow brush and fill it with a pencil to give them more volume.

4. Nails. Re vamp lady nails. Leave a drawer strident tone glazes summer and glam colors used as scarlet, dark brown or black ... and if you leave a bit sharp, you'll get Tim Burton look ideal.

What do you have like these tips?

Halloween: Fiesta, homemade costumes, makeup, recipes

Halloween: Fiesta, disfraces caseros, maquillaje, recetas

Today is the night of Halloween , I hope you will be excited as Celera terrorrífica tonight! Here are several ideas for fun let's FEAR!

The looks of Eva Mendes in Rome

The looks of Eva Mendes in Rome

Divine and spectacular, and she wore the sexy Eva Mendes Rome this wonderful pink dress with fringes. When I saw I was impressed because I think beautiful design and very original, and it fits like a glove.

The actress is at the Rome Film Festival presented his latest film, Last Night, with her co-star Keira Knightley, of which we speak of its kind in the Italian capital. Eva Mendes opted for the night in this elegant Versace design Pink Cake Atelier in the Autumn-Winter 2010/2011. The game I love the fringe!

Halloween couples

Halloween is coming into vogue, and more and more people are celebrating. What plans do you have for this Halloween ? If you feel like celebrating as a couple, we tell you some things you can do ...

For example, what do you think a movie would be scary? Choose a couple of movies of the kind that make you cry and curl up with your boyfriend on the couch to see them together, with some popcorn.

A private celebration of Halloween is also a good idea, how about if you offer a Halloween costume party ? Of course, with the condition that must be done by yourselves. I bet you come up with something original.

Also, turn off the lights Casay put candles to give it a slightly darker twist to the case. What do you think of a Halloween dinner for two? Surprise with original dishes special for Halloween .

Would you like a good idea? Then get ready for a night of fear ...

Photo: Kiss fm

Do you know someone on Facebook?

Clearly, Facebook has become a sensation, and increasingly more people zon create their profile and spend hours and hours in this network. There are even couples who have found thanks to her.

Of course, things are not so easy, and it is true that certain precautions must be taken. First, because the idea to get the other person's part of the things he tell you and of course, may not be true ...

On the other hand, you risk I formed you in the mind the idea of the person you want to be, not what is in fact so beware!

Moreover, it is also true that we must be careful what you chat, things that you have in your life ... because in reality, you never know who you're talking about. And the chat is another problem: face to face, you can see how your partner reacts to the things that you tell, but it's hard to know.

Anyway, that's not all negative, it is also true that thanks to Facebook you can meet people who are far away and otherwise would not know ... Are you game?

Photo: Speak now or forever hold your peace

Lanvin Halloween party in New York

Lanvin Halloween party in New York

Halloween night and is being held in many cities worldwide. Last night in New York at the Lanvin store, where they held a party attended by numerous celebrities, some of them beyond recognition. Clear that the party was that, to be extravagant. If you do not have your outfit, here's more ideas.

This is the case of Anne Hathaway from the outfit that looked horrible and the mask, when I saw the pictures did not. The feline cat style, the actress chose a leopard print jumpsuit that did not fit at all well, with how thin she is, she was to wide hips. Alber Elbaz an outfit that combined with a blue mask, a look of genuine fear.

Isabella Blow, fashion life filmed


MUSOs Musa, eccentric, fashion diva, stylist, editor, creator, creator of creators. The life of the great Isabella Blow, ended tragically in the same way as that of his protégé Alexander McQueen, is going to make a film.

And the details that come with dropper here, there and everywhere we are left in a state of anxious waiting. Galliano, Philip Treacy, which was one of his mentors, and are taking part in the production of the film. But what about the actresses? Or those who accept the challenge of embodying such a personality and eccentricity made woman?

The editors also launched perfumes fashion and candid ..


Anna Dello Russo, editor peerless collector of luxury clothing and perennial bird in the paradise of the front rows seems to have the gift of ubiquity and omnipresence. And launch her own perfume Beyond, is an example to add. It was recently confirmed that the perfume will only be sold online.

But what I found most interesting about the launch itself was the statements that have accompanied the same, with Anna Dello Russo, whose words I have been pleasantly surprised.

For 20 years no one noticed me, worked like Cinderella at the bottom of the step. Finally I have been invited to the dance.

The best look of the week 25 to October 31


October closed with the celebration of Halloween, a truly American holiday, which is gathering more and more strongly on this side of the pond. So we will soon see more pictures of celebrities with their Halloween costumes , but for now it's going pretty, and for that we are, to rate the best look of the week.

Among those chosen for the glory, Leighton Meester chosen for the Hollywood Awards a beautiful dress by Elie Saab blue sky and topped with rhinestone details. Spectacular.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall Trends: 16. Beauty, vol. 1

Not only are trends in the fashion world, but they also vary makeup trends, hair, etc, with the change of season.

In this first volume, we do a review of trends in makeup, pay attention to if you want to succeed this fall / winter.

1. Skin tone. Unlike the case in summer, autumn and winter become white and velvety skin. So committed to a foundation with a natural finish and neutral color and hardly leave a velvety feel. Gold and brown tones are for the summer, the natural bet!

2. Lips. Cabaron is the lip gloss and gloss that gives a refreshing touch to our face in the summer. This fall, takes the lipstick and the whole range of reds, from passion to red wine or burgundy tone.

3. Eyes. You know that the style of the 60's trend this season and could not be less makeup. Always take your eyeliner in my bag and seduces with the seductive look that provides the corner to the 60, extending the straight line and match it to the end of the eyebrow. Forget the full line in the eye!

By the way, using very contrasting shadows, playing with two colors and avoiding feather them too.

What do you think the new trends in makeup?

Olivia Palermo and Leighton Meester at the Gala Night of Stars

Leighton Meester at the Gala Night of Stars

Divine spectacular cute! Olivia Palermo and Leighton Meester at the Gala Night of Stars had dueling beauties, because the two compete in elegance and style, and truth are so cute I do not know with what remains of the two. Looks simple, without much ornamentation, but very elegant and the same firm.

Leighton Meester was presented in the style of lady with a beautiful dress from Giambattista Valli bicolor of the Spring-Summer 2011. Skirt in white with original beige body cross front and it fits like a glove. As optional black shoes and Ferragamo clutch golden, divine, indeed. And a very detailed fashion: a cologante XXL stones in shades of green and salmon.

Red Carpet: Demi Moore and Aston Kutcher Balmain

Awards have been held in New York GQ, and there we could see Demi Moore and Aston Kutcher, one of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood. And as always, thus appearing happy, in love and wonderful.

Him, what shall we say ... But the truth is that Demi Moore, 47, was really impressive. She wore a Balmain dress in black and gold.

The dress, rather short, by the way-, revealed that the actress is a great guy. With volume on the shoulder straps, a very fashionable trend, the design was quite original.

She topped off perfectly with some stilettos in black and a portfolio in which he extolled the golden.

How do you like the look of the couple? And I say, making them like this twitter all, photos of the event have been uploaded to their accounts?

Photos: Huffington Post

The looks of Keira Knightley in Rome


Long time since we analyzed the style of Keira Knightley, is that the actress was a bit missing. You are now in the Rome Film Festival presenting his latest film, Last Night, and we could enjoy two looks elegant and beautiful.

In the morning, at the photocall of presentation, we have seen, of course, by Chanel. And is that the actress and muse image of this firm in their perfume Coco is concerned. A black dress with sequin stripes of colors, very stylish, in the Autumn-Winter 10/11. As supplements laced black shoes. A look outstanding.

For evening opted for a Valentino gown. A chiffon gown in nude color of the Spring-Summer 2011. Very design style, with a huge flower like detail, combine with shoes with sequins bracelet and details in the same tone as the dress.

TRF Zara boots with laces

Botines de Zara TRF con cordones

Here's an essential shoe for this fall 2010 , it is a heel boots with laces and wide . This model is Zara TRF (Ref. 3120/001) and is very well priced, costs 39.95 euros. Like it?

Kasia Struss is already a top model

Kasia Struss

Over the years Kasia Struss has made good predictions and pointed from the beginning as one of the models that dominate the runway in the coming seasons.

Currently, the Polish is about to turn 23, has become an accomplished and made good predictions, as in recent seasons there is a designer who does not want to have their presence to open or close their shows.

Get the look of Stradivarius Jessica Alba


We have already discussed in numerous posts that Stradivarius has improved a lot this season. While their clothes are similar to those worn by many celebrities. And is that the design, I'm sure the actresses are a reference point for many brands.

If you want to get a look much like Jessica Alba, and top with items priced low cost, Stradivarius is your store. For the day choose a gray knit dress with a denim jacket combined. As complements a string bag and padded shoulder type wear it on top in a round tamañao original, floral-print scarf and a comfortable dancers. A perfect style weekend, how and sheltered at, ideal to show off this bridge.

And for the night ...

Military & chic & retro. How to make your own by three trends in Vogue Nippon

military chic

The military trend has become fashionable in recent years to a trickle, a flood intervals. Everything depended on the seasons that have moved into a yes, no, yes, no, with many proposals and pledges that have come fleetingly in "is in" as they come quickly to the "is out." From the Napoleonic jackets, a resounding yes whose brightness fades, even the colors khaki, equestrian-style mix military style and 40's.

Vogue Nippon knows and has shown us the most exquisite blend the military trend-retro-chic.

Temperatures drop,! Pump it colors the trend "knit"!


Wool, tricot, Bullet for eight ... everything that comes from the art of handling two hands two swords which seasoned Musketeer is so highly topical this season as what comes out of the machine of creativity without borders Prada maison.

Apres Ski Fashion Chanel Dolce and returned those items that have been contemplated only in the Dolomites or the Aspen of the stars of celluloid. But fashion's own high-born skiers have transferred exclusive ski lifts and trails to get into the city. And that has to walk through the jungle of asphalt, steel and granite paradise why not spice up our lives and the passers-by with a little color?

Scarlet Johansson for Mango: Looks and party dresses

Scarlet Johansson para Mango: Looks y vestidos de fiesta (otoño invierno 2010 2011)

Here's the new campaign for Mango Scarlet Johansson collection autumn winter 2010/2011 , which consists of looks and party dresses, which goes without saying that we are all an inspiration to prepare New Year's Eve and Christmas!

Scarlet Johansson para Mango: Looks y vestidos de fiesta (otoño invierno 2010 2011)

Scarlet Johansson para Mango: Looks y vestidos de fiesta (otoño invierno 2010 2011)

This campaign is a bit similar to Olivia Palermo (also an image of Mango) because it is also party clothes !

Scarlet Johansson para Mango: Looks y vestidos de fiesta (otoño invierno 2010 2011)

Scarlet Johansson para Mango: Looks y vestidos de fiesta (otoño invierno 2010 2011)

Scarlet Johansson para Mango: Looks y vestidos de fiesta (otoño invierno 2010 2011)

Olivia Palermo Lookbook for Mango Fall-Winter 2010/2011: All images and trends

Olivia Palermo Mango lookbook

Mango has anticipated the signing of Olivia Palermo for the next spring and showed us the union more desired by many among the Spanish company and one of the most popular followed today. New trends for Autumn-Winter 2010/2011.

In the new images our beloved alien martian out more than ever. Horrible is an understatement. What need to look at Olivia Palermo starved woman on the face and neck? With Scarlett Johansson achieve normal results, but this time I think Palermo out horrible. On the contrary, his beloved Johannes Huebl still impressive.

Leighton Meester: 2010 Holiday Looks

Leighton Meester: Looks de fiesta 2010

Here's a respaso the party looks for Leighton Meester . This it girl known for her role in Gossip Girls also sports a sleek look in his appearances at events, parties and front row!

Leighton Meester: Looks de fiesta 2010
Leighton Meester: Looks de fiesta 2010
Leighton Meester: Looks de fiesta 2010
Leighton Meester: Looks de fiesta 2010
Leighton Meester: Looks de fiesta 2010