Saturday, October 30, 2010

The best look of the week 25 to October 31


October closed with the celebration of Halloween, a truly American holiday, which is gathering more and more strongly on this side of the pond. So we will soon see more pictures of celebrities with their Halloween costumes , but for now it's going pretty, and for that we are, to rate the best look of the week.

Among those chosen for the glory, Leighton Meester chosen for the Hollywood Awards a beautiful dress by Elie Saab blue sky and topped with rhinestone details. Spectacular.

Keira Knightley with nude chiffon dress by Valentino has been signed the very best of the week.


We also have Penelope Cruz looking pregnant , dressed in black with a cut that hides her belly beginning. You can look stylish and pregnant, but I can vouch that it is difficult (for those who do not know, a servant out of accounts within 15 days).


By the way, Penelope and Javier have thought about the name for the baby?. How did you choose you name your children? is an interesting survey that we propose from babies and more.

Within the national scene, the festival awards Telva left us unforgettable looks for memories, as the Infanta Elena dressed in Oscar de la Renta. A frilly dress orange combined with blue shawl, a risky choice, but 10.

Infanta Elena: Telva Awards 2010

I'm also Lomana of Alvarno Carmen. Divine as it can only be her.

Carmen Lomana: Telva Awards 2010

And Vicky Martín Berrocal, with a design signed by her and she looks like no thanks to their feminine curves.

Vicky Martín Berrocal: Telva Awards 2010

Whitney Gala of my favorites were Claire Danes, with a black dress by Lanvin divine.


And of course, Olivia Palermo, who day in, day out we have in our post looking so perfect and divine as ever. I think her wardrobe is the envy (and I have no problem wearing clothes Mango, Zara and Topshop).



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