Saturday, October 30, 2010

Do you know someone on Facebook?

Clearly, Facebook has become a sensation, and increasingly more people zon create their profile and spend hours and hours in this network. There are even couples who have found thanks to her.

Of course, things are not so easy, and it is true that certain precautions must be taken. First, because the idea to get the other person's part of the things he tell you and of course, may not be true ...

On the other hand, you risk I formed you in the mind the idea of the person you want to be, not what is in fact so beware!

Moreover, it is also true that we must be careful what you chat, things that you have in your life ... because in reality, you never know who you're talking about. And the chat is another problem: face to face, you can see how your partner reacts to the things that you tell, but it's hard to know.

Anyway, that's not all negative, it is also true that thanks to Facebook you can meet people who are far away and otherwise would not know ... Are you game?

Photo: Speak now or forever hold your peace

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