Saturday, October 30, 2010

The editors also launched perfumes fashion and candid ..


Anna Dello Russo, editor peerless collector of luxury clothing and perennial bird in the paradise of the front rows seems to have the gift of ubiquity and omnipresence. And launch her own perfume Beyond, is an example to add. It was recently confirmed that the perfume will only be sold online.

But what I found most interesting about the launch itself was the statements that have accompanied the same, with Anna Dello Russo, whose words I have been pleasantly surprised.

For 20 years no one noticed me, worked like Cinderella at the bottom of the step. Finally I have been invited to the dance.

And, as this popular series, will definitely cost fame and fashion editors must also be astonished at the attention paid to them in recent times, used to be in the backstage of fashion.

The perfume bottle is a glass slipper and gold accents. As it has said Anna, a symbol of their work in the shade, which Cinderella, many years exercised before breaking into the main stage.

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