Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall Trends: 16. Beauty, vol. 1

Not only are trends in the fashion world, but they also vary makeup trends, hair, etc, with the change of season.

In this first volume, we do a review of trends in makeup, pay attention to if you want to succeed this fall / winter.

1. Skin tone. Unlike the case in summer, autumn and winter become white and velvety skin. So committed to a foundation with a natural finish and neutral color and hardly leave a velvety feel. Gold and brown tones are for the summer, the natural bet!

2. Lips. Cabaron is the lip gloss and gloss that gives a refreshing touch to our face in the summer. This fall, takes the lipstick and the whole range of reds, from passion to red wine or burgundy tone.

3. Eyes. You know that the style of the 60's trend this season and could not be less makeup. Always take your eyeliner in my bag and seduces with the seductive look that provides the corner to the 60, extending the straight line and match it to the end of the eyebrow. Forget the full line in the eye!

By the way, using very contrasting shadows, playing with two colors and avoiding feather them too.

What do you think the new trends in makeup?

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