Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall Trends: 17. Beauty vol.II

We continue with the volume two of trends in beauty, this time on hair and other aesthetic aspects. Take note!

1. Tabs. Forget the mascara colors and play your natural lashes and your eye make curling your lashes, marking a lot and for the most daring, use them to create a fucking cat and femme fatale!

2. Melena. Long live the grunge style that will let us sleep longer! That is over half an hour of waking up early to fix her hair. Now you do not need, and you get the look of newly erected with unkempt hair and disheveled. Forget the curls and let your hair be free and look so natural!

By the way, no more bangs and bring in a lateral stripe covering the forehead with hair, hair becomes more in.

3. Eyebrows. Review the Marx brothers' films, because this fall thick eyebrows to Groucho Marx are the ultimate trend. Thick eyebrows, shaggy and some men are more chic detail on your face, giving you a look strong and powerful. Despeinalas with a brow brush and fill it with a pencil to give them more volume.

4. Nails. Re vamp lady nails. Leave a drawer strident tone glazes summer and glam colors used as scarlet, dark brown or black ... and if you leave a bit sharp, you'll get Tim Burton look ideal.

What do you have like these tips?

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