Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween couples

Halloween is coming into vogue, and more and more people are celebrating. What plans do you have for this Halloween ? If you feel like celebrating as a couple, we tell you some things you can do ...

For example, what do you think a movie would be scary? Choose a couple of movies of the kind that make you cry and curl up with your boyfriend on the couch to see them together, with some popcorn.

A private celebration of Halloween is also a good idea, how about if you offer a Halloween costume party ? Of course, with the condition that must be done by yourselves. I bet you come up with something original.

Also, turn off the lights Casay put candles to give it a slightly darker twist to the case. What do you think of a Halloween dinner for two? Surprise with original dishes special for Halloween .

Would you like a good idea? Then get ready for a night of fear ...

Photo: Kiss fm

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