Saturday, October 30, 2010

Isabella Blow, fashion life filmed


MUSOs Musa, eccentric, fashion diva, stylist, editor, creator, creator of creators. The life of the great Isabella Blow, ended tragically in the same way as that of his protégé Alexander McQueen, is going to make a film.

And the details that come with dropper here, there and everywhere we are left in a state of anxious waiting. Galliano, Philip Treacy, which was one of his mentors, and are taking part in the production of the film. But what about the actresses? Or those who accept the challenge of embodying such a personality and eccentricity made woman?

Several names are being considered and to embody a character fudamentales century fashion, discoverer of Alexander McQueen, his tragic end would also mark the end of the operator and Philip Tracey. But it was John Galliano who has spread his particular challenge:

A perfect choice would be Jane Malone as young Isabella, Chloe Sevigny as adults and Isabella Rossellini in more mature stage


And once again I can only say, according to the great creator.

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