Sunday, October 31, 2010

Taylor Momsen, "ready for Halloween?

The Night of the Living Dead, or better known as Halloween is just around the corner and while our country is starting to become a tradition in the United States is one of the most anticipated events of the year.

Crazy celebrities attending Halloween parties and always made the costumes analysis of each of them, but seems to be a celebrity that is already prepared (right?) For the scariest night of the year.

Taylor is Momson, which was the innocent, transformed into a rebel, Jenny Humphrey, in the largest series of television fashion, Gossip Girl. And the girl, who was only 17 years, was planted in this manner at an event held at the Roxy Theater in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

No, although it seems that Taylor is gearing up for Halloween is not so, is dressed in normal (yes, really) and his style is ever more terrifying.

We do not want to imagine what will be your Halloween costume. Just the idea of disguise is to dress normally and not be not an ounce of makeup. We look forward to it happening.

Baby steps.

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