Friday, October 29, 2010

Temperatures drop,! Pump it colors the trend "knit"!


Wool, tricot, Bullet for eight ... everything that comes from the art of handling two hands two swords which seasoned Musketeer is so highly topical this season as what comes out of the machine of creativity without borders Prada maison.

Apres Ski Fashion Chanel Dolce and returned those items that have been contemplated only in the Dolomites or the Aspen of the stars of celluloid. But fashion's own high-born skiers have transferred exclusive ski lifts and trails to get into the city. And that has to walk through the jungle of asphalt, steel and granite paradise why not spice up our lives and the passers-by with a little color?


The proposal comes from the hand of the fashion show Spring / Summer signing Giles. But our bet is that we trendence do with it! Ya!

Let's cut burgundy, browns languishing leaves, gray clouds that darken and paint your life and wardrobe of rainbow colors.

Who does not remember with nostalgia those winters encased in sweaters cantosos Don Don Cotton and cotton wool? And those ties of wool which were mixing bright colors without contemplation?

Back to our childhood. The mode is simpler than it seems. Let's take a colored chiffon dress, fuchsia, vanilla, lime green and abriguémonos with a thick knitted sweater with colored borders.

Life certainly will be a different perspective.

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