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Estilo barroco (moda otoño invierno 2010/2011)

One of the trends of autumn winter 2010/2011 is the Baroque style, and now we are with the looks of special relevance taking fiets! The Baroque style is excessive, flamboyant, luxurious ... and is characterized by gold, glitter, brocade, velvet, damask print, gold and black combination, metal details, jacquard prints, flashes of metal, the puffed sleeves, the costume XL, etc.

Gold is undoubtedly the main attraction, but not the only color besides black opciones.Peor more gold is the king! It has been combined with gold, if we can get carried away by the excesses, the worse also combined with black, especially in leather and velvet. And needless to say it is better to avoid wearing this style of day!

Estilo barroco (moda otoño invierno 2010/2011)

Zara gold dress

Estilo barroco (moda otoño invierno 2010/2011)

Dressed in black and gold Bershka

Estilo barroco (moda otoño invierno 2010/2011)

Strapless golden gown with allover jacquard Mango

Estilo barroco (moda otoño invierno 2010/2011)

Brocade skirt in silver and black Pimkie

Estilo barroco (moda otoño invierno 2010/2011)

Wrap brocade and jacquard patterned Stradivarius

Estilo barroco (moda otoño invierno 2010/2011)
Zara handbag

Estilo barroco (moda otoño invierno 2010/2011)

Velvet jacket with gold braid of H & M

Estilo barroco (moda otoño invierno 2010/2011)

Golden belt H & M

Estilo barroco (moda otoño invierno 2010/2011)

Mango golden Blazer

Estilo barroco (moda otoño invierno 2010/2011)

Zara TRF cross Sandals

Sara caronero implants, magazines and more magazines, the new Mr. Spain and much more in the week Poprosa


Undoubtedly one of the news has more to say, oddly, has been the breast augmentation caronero Sara, news that has been around everywhere, much as it has been chosen by the Spanish as the best dressed . But the first issue, has also led to see other examples of famous who have gone through the same procedure to be more cute and attractive (some, some ... better not talk). Of course then there are others that do not need this type of interventions such as Jennifer Aniston (yes another, because the nose is operadísima), which we see at 41 in bikini showing off great vacation.

But news has not been all this hair, there have been other interesting sea of the world rose.

The sandals are not for summer


Something that allows us to get the most juice in our closet is that every time there is less difference between the collections of summer and winter so we can use almost all our clothes all year round. Dresses, vests, skirts and even shorts are pieces that fill the libraries and the street at any time of year. This year also see how the shoes are engaging fully in more polar cold and l always accompanied socks, stockings and tights.

From inspiration clog sandals with wooden heel wedges to velvet in colors such as black through the most colorful as it looks the street styler image, which we dare not all, sandals and shoes with socks are exposed increasingly put in place in the fashion that is worn. Are you one of those that also points to this trend? Look!

Pirelli Calendar 2011 by Karl Lagerfeld. Julianne Moore, Erin Wasson, Daria Werbowy and which Greek goddesses

-Pirelli calendar

As we advance a few days ago, the Pirelli calendar 2011 has had the baton kaiser photographic fashion, Karl Lagerfeld. Just today I have made reference to another band of men of fashion, Tom Ford, who along with Lagerfeld and Hedi Slimane seem to have cornered several virtuosity that the gods usually granted only one at a time.

And as God has begun to follow gods, goddesses instead. Because in the Hellenic goddesses have inspired Karl for the 2011 calendar that exudes good taste, namely photographic and non-sexual sensuality.

"Working Girl", the new number V Magazine Spain


What they have in common Sara Montiel, Salma Hayek, Carmen Lomana, Cecilia Roth and Nacha Guevara? Well, are the protagonists of the latest issue of V Magazine Spain. Tomorrow goes on sale this famous magazine coinciding with the beginning of the last month of the year 2010. Under the name 'Working Girl', the five actors make a momentary pated in life to have a look to the past and explain how it has been his career since its inception. At present, all are in a position very privileged social and labor, but its principles were not easy. 'I have been an illegal immigrant in America. For a little while, but I was. I played the worst time of all in terms of racial discrimination in Hollywood, especially when I started, because producers and directors of American cinema was inconceivable that a Mexican could play a leading role, "said Salma, one of the most respected actresses in America.

Our dear Carmen Lomana reveals parts of his personal life did not know, very hard, as their arrival in the capital: "When I came to Madrid after the death of William was gutted, I thought that in my life, nothing made sense. Through my head was around at some point to the idea of suicide or ".

Is it possible to be a great designer, filmmaker and photographer?


Honestly, I know because the last event of undeniable genius of Tom Ford does not seem to me right. Ford is a big can not be doubted that his film directorial debut with A Single Man was splendid questioning but .. not question his latest extravaganza from the hand of her also, sometimes, extravagant outrages partner in Carine Roitfeld Vogue Paris? Yes VERDICT: A horror.

One star: Crystal Renn. A theme: plastic surgery. Photographer: Tom Ford and a stylist. Carine Roitfeld. Sounds like blackbirds melody right? Sorry Ford, but your exquisite taste has disappeared, it seems that a knife blow.

Malena Costa Sweet & Sexy image of Don Cotton

Surely you've heard lately a lot about this beautiful model: Malena Costa.

The 21 years is the current girlfriend of soccer player Carles Puyol. But these days, your name sounds much more strength since it has become the image of the new fragrance by Don Cotton, Sweet and Sexy .

Malena coast has starred in the video of the spot and also posed for pictures as part of the campaign.

The ad shows that sweet and sexy side that characterizes the model. The new fragrance from the brand is characterized by a musky floral aroma and fresh.

As you can imagine and seeing the picture of Malena, this product is specially designed for young, dynamic girls with the curious mix of sexy and duces ... an explosive combination.

The photo is impressive campaign as the model appears to dramatically sexy.

The firm Don Cotton began working in the 80's. Its founder was José Barroso, and over time his shop became a fashion icon.

The model is beginning to emerge thanks to its cooperation with the firm Don Cotton and its engagement with the Barcelona player, began his career presenting the television program "Centerfold." This was in 2006 and since then has not stopped.

The spot you can see below:

Food and mood

Alimentos y estado de ánimo

The relationship between food and the mood we learn it unconsciously: Tomas chocolate when you're sad ? Do you drink coffee before exams? Somehow, you know how your diet affects the functioning of your head.

However, this relationship between food and mood is surrounded by myths, which often functions more as a placebo effect than anything else. It is true that there are foods that enhance the production of neurotransmitters such as serotonin or dopamine, that sounds quite plausible that influence our mood and the functioning of our mind, but on the other hand, the increase in the production of neurotransmitters is not so significant as to have mood changes easily discernible.

Let's review some of the basic beliefs of wisdom:

1. The sugar makes children hyperactive.

Scientific studies show that there is no evidence that this is so, though it has become a commonplace of popular wisdom.

Moreover, the fact that parents expect their children to be displayed more excited after eating sweets makes indirectly seeking behavior and to perpetuate the belief.

2. The coffee and energy improves mental performance

This is ... true! Numerous studies have shown that caffeine improves attention, concentration and energy, and facilitates better associations.

Alimentos y estado de ánimo

3. A carbohydrate-based snack relaxes and improves mood

While it is true that carbohydrates stimulate the creation of serotonin (which plays a key role in good humor), the process by which carbohydrates make us happy is not as simple as food and interact with other neurotransmitters. An example, if during the 12 hours after we take a protein snack, the creation of serotonin is blocked.

4. Sugar relieves pain

Although there is no unanimity on this, many experts believe it could be true. There have been studies that looked that infants receiving sugar showed less discomfort on injection, and is believed to be because the sugar helps to release endorphins, which have some analgesic effect.

In adults, this correlation is less studied.

5. Chocolate makes you a good mood

Chocolate contains several components that have the ability to enhance the good humor, but the chemical effect of each is too small to be able to perceive. So it is likely that the effect we note that all chocolate is more a cultural phenomenon and psychological than physical.

6. Fish with Omega 3 help you fight depression

It seems that this is true, among other reasons because between the fatty acids are omega-3 docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) necessary for optimal neuronal function.

Although this information is best taken with reservations because of pity, studies that correlate alietcótion with mood and even health are numerous and often contradict each other.

In the meantime, keep eating natural, varied and balanced in order to take advantage of all the potential benefits of each food group ;) .

Via: Salood

New Year's Eve dresses 2010 2011 Stradivarius

Vestidos de Nochevieja de Stradivarius 2010 2011

Finally Stradivarius has already released their gowns thinking about Christmas and New Year 2010/2011 and is that now you have to go to decide the party looks , right?

We have seen the proposal of party several brands: the party collection Evening of Zara and TRF , the clothes at H & M , the ball gowns of Zara , the clothing Bershka , the dresses nochevieja Pimkie , the v Estid White ...

The gowns I've loved Stradivarius, for now I can teach only a few, I hope shortly to update and make many more.

As you can see are the major trends in party outfits: the draped dresses , the asymmetrical dresses , red dresses, the lace dresses , etc.

Vestidos de Nochevieja de Stradivarius 2010 2011

Red frilly romantic dress

EUR 25.95

Vestidos de Nochevieja de Stradivarius 2010 2011

Strapless dress with leopard print

EUR 35.95

Vestidos de Nochevieja de Stradivarius 2010 2011

Strapless dress with big bow

EUR 29.95

Vestidos de Nochevieja de Stradivarius 2010 2011

Lace corset dress

EUR 35.95

Vestidos de Nochevieja de Stradivarius 2010 2011

Asymmetrical dress and draped with tulle

EUR 25.95

How about party dresses Stradivarius?

The truth is that I have loved above all some (asymmetric and strapless with bow). They are also great price : D !

Abrigaos, !.... next summer resort of Louis Vuitton Campaign


So, we have not enjoyed Christmas and delicacies! We are in summer! What things have fashion. And is that while the coming weeks will overwhelm you with Christmas proposals how to dress, what to buy or give away, keep your eyes open because summer is here.

Campaign started with the 2010/2011 Summer Prada , a lysergic despendole stripes and prints of fruit and now we present the Louis Vuitton resort, if it is not proper for the summer, yes it is summer clothes. This resort collections has totally amazed me is that really successful launch a collection for those who decide midwinter break out the champagne holiday in the Maldives?

Leighton Meester in a suit and tie

Leighton Meester de traje y corbata

If anything characterizes the style of Leighton Meester , he likes taking risks, I still can not forget the monkey reserve a few days ago , but also has many good looks that are successful party insurance ! In the Gotham Independent Film Awards appeared with this look, a masculine suit and tie!

The truth is that the costume idea is good, is an alternative to look festive as ever, but Leighton Meester is not at all favored, I think it looks much and certainly does not do justice!

I think he also fails hairstyle, I think I should wear the hair up, makeup most sophisticated and most spectacular few accessories.

Leighton Meester de traje y corbata

Leighton Meester de traje y corbata

This outfit is not like me much, I think something better would tuxedo, right?

Leighton Meester de traje y corbata

Do you like the look of Leighton Meester?

Sandals Holidays, Zara 2010

Sandalias de fiesta, de Zara 2010

The sandals are the ultimate party shoe is clear that there is more choice in footwear for party looks like classrooms or peep toe . It is also possible to weigh one party dresses with dancers or boots , at least this autumn winter 2010/2011 is trendy!

There are many developments in sandals party, but summarizing take very very high heels, in its different versions, thin and wide , they also have a lot of models and designs bracelets crossed . It takes a lot of black, original details hostent, such as jewelry, ribbons, feathers, etc. Also gold and silver colors are a trend, along with leopard prints .

Here is a selection of 10 holiday sandals Zara:

Sandalias de fiesta, de Zara 2010

1. SANDAL UPPER. € 29.95. Ref 7420/301
2. CROSS SANDAL. € 25.95. Ref 3351/001
3. SANDAL STRIPS. € 35.95. Ref 7415/301
4. SANDAL HEBILLAS.45, 95 EUR. Ref 7410/301
5. LEOPARD SANDAL. € 55.95. Ref 6423/301

Click "Continue reading" to see the rest of the party sandals Zara:

Monday, November 29, 2010

Look simple black pencil

Shakira, bubble Freixenet

Last year we ran out of Freixenet ad. Well, in fact it had, but it was the same as the previous year, who starred in Synchronized Swimming Team.

But do not despair because this year we will have another new ad for Freixenet and a leading luxury: Shakira.

The singer agreed to participate in the invitation to return for his salary will go to the Pies Descalzos Foundation to build two schools in Port au Prince (Haiti) and Cartagena (Colombia).

Filmed by director fetish, Jaume de la Iguana, the spot was recorded at the same time as the video for her new single 'When the sun rises, "which include images of docuemental' Let the sun rises', shot in Colombia.

The television spot will debut on 9 December and in the toast, where the Colombian singer wearing a stunning gold dress, Shakira plays on words: "A toast to the sun again. The best is yet to come. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. "

We look forward to the spot of Freixenet. What do you think that Shakira is the protagonist?

Oysho: What's new in home wear, lingerie, accessories

Oysho otoño invierno 2010/2011

More changes in Oysho in pajamas, underwear, accessories, shoes, underwear, socks , etc. Do anything we teach the new lookbook Oysho and now more stuff!

In the shop Oysho not stop entering new clothing and accessories Autumn Winter collection 2010/2011 , and now in view of the Christmas goodies have arrived very interesting, as a retro handbags I have crazy, I have really wanted to go to to see them!

But it is not only interesting, there are jackets made of wool and perfect bullet to be super warm at home and abroad, and is that we have discussed many times ... In Oysho more and more clothes !

Oysho: Homewear

Oysho otoño invierno 2010/2011

Oysho: Lingerie

Oysho otoño invierno 2010/2011

Oysho: Accessories

Oysho otoño invierno 2010/2011

Oysho: shoes and slippers

Oysho otoño invierno 2010/2011

What do you think?

Fashion Car: Fiat 500

Fiat 500

Jared opens a new special, which will review what are the cars that are more fashionable. Look for cars that have more links with the world of fashion and its style and approach, looking for fashion lovers and trendsetters.

Lately we are experiencing a time when car brands reissued models, the modernized and put back in fashion for many years after the original has disappeared from our streets. One of the most faithful reissues of recent years is the Fiat 500, a stylish urban car which is starting to become a regular on the streets of major cities.

It's like a car because it is small, measuring just 3.5 meters and is known for being very agile in town, allowing you to make small movements of average distance to the outskirts without any problems. The interior is spacious and has a large glass area gives plenty of light. You can order as an extra glass ceiling, the whole detail.

Sara Carbonero the best-dressed Spanish


I am very surprised by the survey published by Showroomprive.com, and is, according to this fashion website online private sales in Europe, Sara Carbonero is the most elegant. And I'm surprised, because even at parties usually go pretty cute, her style is very informal daily and some hippy.

Iker Casillas's girlfriend has received this honor for its ability to match garments with sophisticated accessories inform and vice versa ", something which I disagree, because his style is usually jeans, shirts and cowboy boots wide. Apparel firms that are known but unsophisticated. How about you, do you think?

And do see much more elegant, when you have to attend a party or event, where international wears designer dresses with accessories expensive, high-end.

Get leather shorts go to the last

leather shorts

Today may not be the more appropriate day to talk about clothes that leave much skin exposed as are the shorts. However, we want to tell you of the garment so sexy, rock and ideal for day and night.

Celebrities like Alexa Chung and models from around the world are regulars to this article that combines so well with tights and tissues as the point. We show the leather shorts you can find now and how to combine them. Take a look!

For the cold winter, bundle up with a feather


What the freezing cold is here is all an act, at least in Madrid's snowing, so we have to dress warmly and rescue our feathers. And the coat feather garment is less weight and more houses. We saw some proposals last week.
I do not like because I see an article unsophisticated, but fashion brands, launch new models every year, and increasingly female, with the belt as the star so that they are carved.

The celebrities will point to this style that suggests the Italian firm Fay. Is the case with Elle McPherson or Halle Berry.

Kate Moss, as ever, where ever, at his home in Gloucestershire


How cool to be Kate Moss. His last session for Self Service magazine, photographed by Juergen Teller, not wasted, I say. The most interesting thing is that it takes place at home, sweet home of the top and I'm dying to see "chaotic, boho, rococo .. surprise us as did the house of Carine Roitfeld , whose style we would never have portend?

And I repeat, how cool to be Kate Moss and Juergen Teller. Why make a shoot without care for the makeup, styling, with a little character and a photograph favored for non-experts, we think also of "not understanding" is an art. What is modern to be modern.

Holiday Looks (and Eve): Monkeys or jumpsuits

Looks de fiesta (y Nochevieja): Monos o jumpsuits

The dresses are by far the most preferred garment when we need a party look , but the reality is that not only looks festive dresses are made, there are more options. I propose today to review one of the alternative to party dresses, plays to review the new trends in monkeys (or jumpsuit or overalls) for Christmas and New Year 2010/2011. Another day review touches pants, smoking, skirts, etc.

I learn the truth is one which I put a lot of stick, the thing is I have none, I really like and in general those seen in stores do not usually like me much and I think many monkeys should go directly to the fire, but not all.

Here I propose a number of monkeys in this autumn winter 2010/2011, Zara, Mango and Marks:

Looks de fiesta (y Nochevieja): Monos o jumpsuits

€ 29.95
Ref 0881/208

Ref 33431926
€ 99

Looks de fiesta (y Nochevieja): Monos o jumpsuits

€ 39.95
Ref 0881/227

Asos Lace Shirt Jumpsuit
Ref YCAJU1385257

ref. 31431925
€ 99

Looks de fiesta (y Nochevieja): Monos o jumpsuits

H & M Monkey

EUR 29.95

Looks de fiesta (y Nochevieja): Monos o jumpsuits

€ 25.95
Ref 0881/224

Looks de fiesta (y Nochevieja): Monos o jumpsuits

€ 29.95
Ref 0085/280