Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Abrigaos, !.... next summer resort of Louis Vuitton Campaign


So, we have not enjoyed Christmas and delicacies! We are in summer! What things have fashion. And is that while the coming weeks will overwhelm you with Christmas proposals how to dress, what to buy or give away, keep your eyes open because summer is here.

Campaign started with the 2010/2011 Summer Prada , a lysergic despendole stripes and prints of fruit and now we present the Louis Vuitton resort, if it is not proper for the summer, yes it is summer clothes. This resort collections has totally amazed me is that really successful launch a collection for those who decide midwinter break out the champagne holiday in the Maldives?

Or is it more a marketing tool for firms employing more pages succulent between seasons?

In any case we can see the Vuitton campaign, such as Santorini and does not contribute Bardot. Of course, something that I would die to have, but not in my rack, the car.

Photo | Fabsugar

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