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Fashion Car: Fiat 500

Fiat 500

Jared opens a new special, which will review what are the cars that are more fashionable. Look for cars that have more links with the world of fashion and its style and approach, looking for fashion lovers and trendsetters.

Lately we are experiencing a time when car brands reissued models, the modernized and put back in fashion for many years after the original has disappeared from our streets. One of the most faithful reissues of recent years is the Fiat 500, a stylish urban car which is starting to become a regular on the streets of major cities.

It's like a car because it is small, measuring just 3.5 meters and is known for being very agile in town, allowing you to make small movements of average distance to the outskirts without any problems. The interior is spacious and has a large glass area gives plenty of light. You can order as an extra glass ceiling, the whole detail.

The outside line is compact and rounded the unmistakable style of the old Fiat 500, a car like the Seat 600 in Spain, got love for Italy and other countries for years. Today the Fiat 500 are getting old in fashion in Paris and in cities like Rome or Milan, where they mingle with the modern Fiat 500 that already have become bestsellers in Italy.

Fiat 500

One of its main attractions, apart from its price ranges from 10,650 up to 18,170 euros, is that it has infinite possibilities of configuration, so it is easy to find a Fiat 500 that suits your tastes, and hard to find two exactly alike . Moreover, Fiat says that you can configure up to 500,000 different cars with all the options they offer.

Fiat 500 motors ranging from the 69 horses of the least powerful to 100 horses for the more daring, but there are also two intermediate versions with 75 and 85 horsepower. And for those who are not very keen to be constantly dropping hands on the wheel to shift gears, there is a version with automatic "Dualogic" more comfortable.

Fiat 500C

Fiat 500C, with the sky as a roof

A variant of the Fiat 500 also begins to gain a foothold among the hottest cars in cities is the convertible. The Fiat 500C line remains elegant and "vintage" of small closed model, but incorporates a huge canvas roof that allows cabriolet within seconds at the touch of a button, an operation that also can be made up.

The roof begins to retreat from the front, running rails located on the roof and is hidden just above the trunk. Fiat 500C The price starts at 14,000 euros and ranks as one of the cheapest convertible car market.

Fiat 500 by Diesel

Fiat 500 by Diesel

A car that wants to be modern and the latter as the Fiat 500, you can not stay without a special edition or customized by a designer clothing brand. In the case of the Fiat 500, Diesel is the brand chosen, not by linking its nomenclature with such engines.

The Fiat 500 by Diesel was first introduced at the Paris Motor Show in 2008 as a prototype, but liked it and introduced at the beginning of this year's Bread & Butter Berlin. Today is already in the market and is identified by the details with the logo and brand name wheels Diesel, between the front and rear windows in the back of the car.

Inside, chairs Diesel logo gear lever, while the denim upholstery and some of the dashboard materials are customized according to the Italian designer's characteristic style.

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There is a complete range of Fiat 500 by Diesel, which is the trade name that receives the custom car with the image of the famous clothing brand. The "smaller" engine is the 1.2 69 horses that is priced at 15,570 euros, followed by the 75 horses for 16,650 euros, the same price the latter that of 100 horses.

For its part, Fiat 500 by Diesel that takes the motor of 85 horsepower, costs 17,250 euros and stands as the most expensive of the range by Diesel, a very exclusive car and managed to get apart from the rest of Fiat 500 that we find on the road.

No doubt the 500 has what it takes to become a trendy car and with it the Italian brand has managed to reposition one of its models as one of the most popular cars of the great cities of the XXI Century.

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