Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Food and mood

Alimentos y estado de ánimo

The relationship between food and the mood we learn it unconsciously: Tomas chocolate when you're sad ? Do you drink coffee before exams? Somehow, you know how your diet affects the functioning of your head.

However, this relationship between food and mood is surrounded by myths, which often functions more as a placebo effect than anything else. It is true that there are foods that enhance the production of neurotransmitters such as serotonin or dopamine, that sounds quite plausible that influence our mood and the functioning of our mind, but on the other hand, the increase in the production of neurotransmitters is not so significant as to have mood changes easily discernible.

Let's review some of the basic beliefs of wisdom:

1. The sugar makes children hyperactive.

Scientific studies show that there is no evidence that this is so, though it has become a commonplace of popular wisdom.

Moreover, the fact that parents expect their children to be displayed more excited after eating sweets makes indirectly seeking behavior and to perpetuate the belief.

2. The coffee and energy improves mental performance

This is ... true! Numerous studies have shown that caffeine improves attention, concentration and energy, and facilitates better associations.

Alimentos y estado de ánimo

3. A carbohydrate-based snack relaxes and improves mood

While it is true that carbohydrates stimulate the creation of serotonin (which plays a key role in good humor), the process by which carbohydrates make us happy is not as simple as food and interact with other neurotransmitters. An example, if during the 12 hours after we take a protein snack, the creation of serotonin is blocked.

4. Sugar relieves pain

Although there is no unanimity on this, many experts believe it could be true. There have been studies that looked that infants receiving sugar showed less discomfort on injection, and is believed to be because the sugar helps to release endorphins, which have some analgesic effect.

In adults, this correlation is less studied.

5. Chocolate makes you a good mood

Chocolate contains several components that have the ability to enhance the good humor, but the chemical effect of each is too small to be able to perceive. So it is likely that the effect we note that all chocolate is more a cultural phenomenon and psychological than physical.

6. Fish with Omega 3 help you fight depression

It seems that this is true, among other reasons because between the fatty acids are omega-3 docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) necessary for optimal neuronal function.

Although this information is best taken with reservations because of pity, studies that correlate alietcótion with mood and even health are numerous and often contradict each other.

In the meantime, keep eating natural, varied and balanced in order to take advantage of all the potential benefits of each food group ;) .

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