Monday, November 29, 2010

For the cold winter, bundle up with a feather


What the freezing cold is here is all an act, at least in Madrid's snowing, so we have to dress warmly and rescue our feathers. And the coat feather garment is less weight and more houses. We saw some proposals last week.
I do not like because I see an article unsophisticated, but fashion brands, launch new models every year, and increasingly female, with the belt as the star so that they are carved.

The celebrities will point to this style that suggests the Italian firm Fay. Is the case with Elle McPherson or Halle Berry.


The can combine with any outfit, but as more remains are to jeans. And of course to look for the day to go shopping or to go to work. For evening the cloth coat is most appropriate.

Halle Berry

Elle McPherson is protected from the cold with the hood that has details of skin, and looks skinny jeans. With those glasses and the hood is almost unrecognizable.

And without feathers, Fay has a pattern of gray suede much more sophisticated. Halle Berry is combined with leggings gray vinyl and accessories.

Official Website | Fay

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