Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Working Girl", the new number V Magazine Spain


What they have in common Sara Montiel, Salma Hayek, Carmen Lomana, Cecilia Roth and Nacha Guevara? Well, are the protagonists of the latest issue of V Magazine Spain. Tomorrow goes on sale this famous magazine coinciding with the beginning of the last month of the year 2010. Under the name 'Working Girl', the five actors make a momentary pated in life to have a look to the past and explain how it has been his career since its inception. At present, all are in a position very privileged social and labor, but its principles were not easy. 'I have been an illegal immigrant in America. For a little while, but I was. I played the worst time of all in terms of racial discrimination in Hollywood, especially when I started, because producers and directors of American cinema was inconceivable that a Mexican could play a leading role, "said Salma, one of the most respected actresses in America.

Our dear Carmen Lomana reveals parts of his personal life did not know, very hard, as their arrival in the capital: "When I came to Madrid after the death of William was gutted, I thought that in my life, nothing made sense. Through my head was around at some point to the idea of suicide or ".

Undoubtedly, this number is a crucial issue in your desktop, V Magazine Spain stands by the savoir-faire of its content, the genius of their photo stories (Mario Testino, Mario Sorrenti Txema Yeste or are some of the acclaimed photographers who work in it) and the original theme. Mexican actress Christmas congratulate us on the cover of the most sensual way possible, and that as much as the years pass it like a fine wine improves with age!

Photos and Information | Courtesy of the journal

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