Thursday, November 25, 2010

Looks for snow, do not die of cold!

We have seen that the snow boots are real trend , that Chanel wants to dress up as yetis for cold-based synthetic white fur and caramel that Ugg still with us season after season. And is that winter is here and the trips to places with cold and snowy times are just around the corner.

If you are lucky enough to practice a sport of this kind will show you some looks perfect from the hand of Top Shop to make you the latest on the piste. But that's not the thing, show you the best winter outfits and give you a hint: look in the Nordic and style comfortable and ideal for snow. Take note!

Looks great inside track

We look easy the divine within the ski trail through some brands have their sections for these very delicate. This is the case of the British firm Top Shop, which has a line called SNO, which chose the coat with animal print. Is not it ideal?

topshop sno

To the bottom of this look, choose a simple black trousers. Why? Practical, we love the color black and it will last longer than one with stamped seasons.

snow pants

If you're much more daring and love to follow trends, Adidas by Stella McCartney signature model, also in black, but a hood. Another completely different style.

stella mccartney1

A nice cap is key to protect from the cold and keep up to date. This with tassel including wool is Top Shop.

topshop hat

Do not forget to protect your eyes from the sun with glasses how are you from Alexander McQueen.


Off the track: comfortable shoes and warm, meshes and point in all versions

Snow on the street and your taking a hot milky tea while watching the landscape from the window of a cafe. Appetizing, right? Then imagine your look with a cardigan very warm and inviting, smooth colored shirts as makeup or burgundy and some black skinny jeans under your boots more warm. These are Ugg.

ugg booties

The Swedes know how to fight the cold with class and style. Just give the bloggosfera around to see what we mean.

Swedish look

If you are not the fans of the Ugg, the Doc Martens shoes are a very well preserves the cold and rain. Those we love this color.

doc martens

Although you may also feel like more CalzArte snow boots lifetime. This girl knows it and we love using colors as a mixture.

snow look

The scarves, extra-long and sharp, are great for cold and sheepskin mittens and hair ribbons wool so fashionable to have. This girl looks great in his coat of hair that removes both the cold.

hair look

Photos | Net-a-porter ,om "> Top Shop, Hel-Looks , Elenita

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