Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The sandals are not for summer


Something that allows us to get the most juice in our closet is that every time there is less difference between the collections of summer and winter so we can use almost all our clothes all year round. Dresses, vests, skirts and even shorts are pieces that fill the libraries and the street at any time of year. This year also see how the shoes are engaging fully in more polar cold and l always accompanied socks, stockings and tights.

From inspiration clog sandals with wooden heel wedges to velvet in colors such as black through the most colorful as it looks the street styler image, which we dare not all, sandals and shoes with socks are exposed increasingly put in place in the fashion that is worn. Are you one of those that also points to this trend? Look!

And is that the sandals are mixed up with what you would expect: coats. This coat surround looks great with navy blue stockings and sandals mustard tone that will surely be a wedge. All of Zara.


In the catalog of Urban Outfitters have seen red open-toed shoes and socks in black with baby doll dress.


The Mango also proposed to us in Section That I by Mango looks with socks. Like this, combined with short white socks and is very Lolita.


There are the occasional celebrities who have already pointed to this trend, as our friend Alexa that leads to dress and shirt. Very cute, as always.

alexa mulberry

This option is also black color and I love Zara for day to day with fluffy socks in heather gray color with jeans back. A different look.


Top Shop has really cute shoes how are you black sandals that are ideal to wear with your more casual looks. And nothing like leaving for the day heels and flat shoes for the night, innovation!

Top Shop sandals

With a mustard color calcetinitos'll be great if you want to combine your black sandals (heel platform or timber) and all-black look.

topshop socks

Gray is another color that you should consider for your socks and stockings if you get a good result with sandals and open shoes. Whether you are leotards, tights or sock or shoe is blue, black or brown. The color gray is the most fashionable and well, goes with everything!

Grey socks

Photos | Zara , Mango , Zimbio , Urban Outfitters , Top Shop , Carolines Mode

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