Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sara caronero implants, magazines and more magazines, the new Mr. Spain and much more in the week Poprosa


Undoubtedly one of the news has more to say, oddly, has been the breast augmentation caronero Sara, news that has been around everywhere, much as it has been chosen by the Spanish as the best dressed . But the first issue, has also led to see other examples of famous who have gone through the same procedure to be more cute and attractive (some, some ... better not talk). Of course then there are others that do not need this type of interventions such as Jennifer Aniston (yes another, because the nose is operadísima), which we see at 41 in bikini showing off great vacation.

But news has not been all this hair, there have been other interesting sea of the world rose.


Thus we have the world of art paper where we can talk of a magazine DT Paz Vega absolutely horrible as you can see, and Victor Valdes off his hat, let a lime and sand. For more cute Rihanna in Interview with the most glamorous story to what we have seen lately and super sexy in GQ .


And what do you think of the piece of photoshop that have happened to Reese Witherspoon in Glamour ? Impressive, indeed work wonders (or destruction) and in the case of Ke $ ha Complex where they drew up pretty ... and I thought that was only in Lourdes ... Much better, no doubt Johnny Depp on Vanity Fair .

Of course, to know that in relation to journals, Irina Shayk was very angry with GQ to remove bare and consider only the girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo ... they think it was going to be if not for that ...

Another of the things that we can not talk about is the passing of Justin Bieber by Spain, which has been a real hurricane, how could it be otherwise been through 'El Hormiguero' (although international celebrities feel ridiculed , keep going)

As the world is parejil we can say that Cameron Diaz and A-Rod are close together , spending a few relaxing days where we've caught the sun. But apart from that which seems to be confirmed are Kim Kardashian and former Halle Berry, Gabriel Aubry, what still seems very strong. Of course to me which left me dead yet with Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal to finally have grasped together.


And finally here I present the new Mr. Spain />> And see what you think.

And so far the review to the best of the week. Next Tuesday it will be December, the snow and cold continue stalking does not let up, so hold fast the computer really close to keep reading us. Be good.

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