Friday, December 31, 2010

Orlando Bloom is the new face of Hugo Boss

Girls, we're in luck. The handsome actor Orlando Bloom, who became popular for his role of Legolas in the saga of The Lord of the Rings' stars in new fragrance campaign for Hugo Boss' Boss Orange '.

More than five months ago we knew the news that the actor star in this campaign, but it was not until a few days until the firm has decided to reveal the images of the campaign.

Actress Sienna Miller stars in campañana the female version of the perfume and now we can enjoy Orlando Bloom in the male version.

The actor poses sensual and fun sitting on a brown leather chair and wearing a simple black shirt.

Perfect images and attractive to the advertising campaign of a perfume like that of Hugo Boss.

What do you think the images? Do you think Orlando Bloom is the right side to promote the new perfume from Hugo Boss?

Help! Do not have nothing to wear for tonight? Latest ideas of new Spanish designers

New Year's Eve-new-designers

Jared to the rescue. If you still litter running from store to store looking for the perfect dress for tonight, do not say you have the right time, we come to your aid. On occasion we have asked for posts on new designers, or at least artists whose names are not already in the pantheon of fashion. Hence this last minute post is dedicated to them and for you.

Short or long, velvet or satin, or black color of the night. The options are diverse and will fit better one or the other depending on your complexion, height, shape and taste. And if you've been sighted and is now in your hands this evening dress is also an opportunity to meet new national talent needle and thread.

Your favorite posts of the year, earn low cost brands


During 2010 many have been our posts with the proposals of the various collections of different companies and all seasons. So in Jared have decided to show you the most read posts for all of you. Want to know what they are?

As the brands that we can all access, which all can buy, better known as low cost, far from renowned international firms. Very normal, because what really interests us are the items available.

Then I will tell you more curiosities:

10 menus for New Year's Eve dinner

Did you make dinner played New Year's Eve and you're about to panic? Looking for something simple yet sophisticated, healthy but hearty, rich and turn your dinner into a success? We're here to help! ;)

The protagonist of the first course New Year's Eve (as all l as dinner parties ) is the seafood : shrimp, crayfish, shrimp, clams, scallops, lobster ... you choose. But if you want something different, you can lean on a fish carpaccio or sautéed mushrooms. For the main course: fish or meat, and it is best to accompany them with some vegetables or salad ... the stomach of your guests will thank you!

As for dessert, with the pervasiveness of nougat, marzipan polvorones and not have to prepare anything, but if you want is a good idea to a dessert nougat lighten it a bit like a mousse.

Read on to find 10 menus ideal for New Year, with their recipes!

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Karl Lagerfeld by Volkswagen

Coats of hair, the new craze of the famous

We're having a winter as cold and that complicates things when going out, since either find a good shelter, as well as being warm, must be current and fashionable.

The famous, you know this for a while, especially those living in cities like London, New York or Paris, where the cold is more intense here have given us a great idea and go out with one of the trends Chanel marking his collection of winter hair coats.

Style known as the Yeti, and yes, all synthetic hair, actresses and models like Kate Moss or Sienna Miller are experts in combining perfectly the exageradísimos hair coats in their styles, making them trendy garment of the season.

And the fur coat fits all, whether for day or night and attend a party, and is that with a total look, a bag of string and heels, you have no problem.

New Gucci handbags, exclusive to the boutique in Paris

new gucci handbag jackie

Exclusivity. Is the new buzz word in luxury brands. Competition grows in times of crisis and brands must find their point of differentiation. Gucci makes it through the opening of its renovated boutique in Paris and recovering two bags iconic Italian brand's history.

A special edition of the New Jackie bag in Gray ostrich skin, limited to six pieces, and one in soft gray deerskin, limited to thirty pieces, and only available in the boutique in the Rue Royale in Paris.

In addition the store will be the only one that offers a new customer service request: New Bamboo bag is available in three sizes and 25 different colors of crocodile skin. Each bag will be personalized with client's initials engraved on the central interior of the flap and cover the mirror.

The bag collection of Victoria Beckham .... at $ 13,000 and out!


As I read it. The prolific mother, singer and designer Victoria Beckham has just launched the perfect complement to your collection of clothing, a handbag collection.

Although the release in question does not take place until a few days, the designer has decided to launch a anticipio of two models in the UK Web Net a Porter. The launch may have gone unnoticed around here if not for the fact that the pouches that blew round of the $ 1,800 to $ 13,000 .... and are exhausted!.

Holiday Bracelets

Looks y vestidos de fiesta y Nochevieja de Uterque

The party accessories are an essential part of any New Year's look . There are plenty of accessories for holiday spice up your holiday look , and a dress or suit without accessories is usually wrong. Today I propose to look at an accessory or jewelry that I think is a must for your New Year look , I mean a cuff bracelet or party!

We have seen many party accessories: shoes , handbags , necklaces , tiaras, headdresses , etc.

Here is a selection of bracelets and bangles of the Autumn Winter 2010/2011, and as you can see the designs take XL, glitters, stones, crystals strass type, etc.

Looks y vestidos de fiesta y Nochevieja de Uterque

Bangle width Uterque
Cuff open wide implementation of flowers and stones.

Looks y vestidos de fiesta y Nochevieja de Uterque

Insect Bracelet Bimba & Lola
REF. 02BAPU05.L7001UN
28 EUR

Looks y vestidos de fiesta y Nochevieja de Uterque

Wide Rhinestone Bracelet Stradivarius
REF. 9457.007.200
€ 9.95

Looks y vestidos de fiesta y Nochevieja de Uterque

Rabbit Bracelet Uterque

Looks y vestidos de fiesta y Nochevieja de Uterque

H & M bracelet

Looks y vestidos de fiesta y Nochevieja de Uterque

Uterque stone bracelet
Black chain bracelet with colored stones.

H & M spring 2011

H&M primavera 2011

Want to start seeing the trends this spring? Let us then an impasse in the fashion of Feast (which is already beginning to wish for, eh?) And see what H & M is proposing in his new collection.

Basically, a little of everything: long dresses and short shorts, shorts and pants, colors ranging from white to brown through the stunning fuchsia or turquoise, floral prints, animal or geometric ...

H&M primavera 2011

H&M primavera 2011

H&M primavera 2011

H&M primavera 2011

H&M primavera 2011

What do you think?

Photos via: Labdailyblog via H & M

Olivia Palermo will release her own clothing line


Many international media have echoed the news that Olivia Palermo ahead in the Spanish edition of Vogue: the beginning of a new reality show that will follow his adventures wherever he goes and which inspired his new project, launching his own collection of clothing.

Olivia Palermo and closes near perfect circle in which he starred on the most fashionable, has become a style icon, has been chosen as the star of campaigns and their preppy look has inspired and inspiring international collections such as the spring-summer 2011 Mango that we present a few days ago.

Leighton Meester surprises in Seventeen Magazine

Since you do not need to explain who is Leighton Meester, but to the clueless is a summary: Leighton stars in the series 'Gossip Girl', the most fashionable series television, where she plays Blair Waldorf, a girl from upper-class New York .

In addition to crazy half the world and create a trend with the styles within the series and preppy style, Leighton Meester has been demonstrated in more than one occasion that she, more than Blair Waldorf also has impeccable style and why, and begin rifárselas to large firms (soon we will see the image of the new fragrance from Vera Wang) and stars in a front-page every other month as well.

The U.S. teen magazine Seventeen actress has had 24 years to star in her home in February and the result is spectacular.

With disheveled hair, the most flattering makeup and a colorful dress of Froot Loop, Leighton Meester conquest from the shelves of American newsstands.

The actress is in full promotion of his film 'Country Strong. "

We love the cover, what do you think?

New (and oranges) pictures of Lindsay Lohan

Year ends and it seems that actress Lindsay Lohan wants to be in the spotlight after so many problems with drugs and alcohol and having spent some days in jail.

Come to light in the form of photographs advance a new photo shoot made by the actress with photographer Benn Jae.

A very simple pictures in which the actress poses in front of a white wall scrawl. What we call the attention of the images is the skin tone of the actress, bordering on orange.

Do not really know if these pictures form part of the publisher of a magazine or be part of a publicity campaign for a clothing company, we have to wait to find out.

What is clear is that the surface of the skin color of Lindsay Lohan going to have to talk ... a lot.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kate Moss in the new campaign for Vogue Eyewear Spring-Summer 2011

Kate Moss

Still appear the first steps of the Spring-Summer 2011 campaign and among them we see the new Kate Moss for Vogue eyewear line. The British model is not as much as it reveals the events or the everyday looks, or may have lost some media interest, but advertising still going strong.

After the lens is Mario Testino, who knows full well the model for all his years as a professional and who has portrayed numerous times, including the Fall-Winter 2007/2008 campaign for Versace .

In this new issue for Vogue Eyewear line we see a Kate Moss more sophisticated and as is normal in bust format since what really matters are the glasses, both to see how the sun. The first still betting patterns pasta.

Christmas plans to do with children

Planes navideños para hacer con niños
Younger children will still remain more than 10 days to return to school and if you're lucky enough to spend the Christmas holidays with them, they may start acabársete the idea of leisure.

And is that these dates are ideal for a good time with family, as many of us have more free time to take the kids to see the cavalcade of the Magi or jointly prepare a dessert for the end of the year.

But there are many other things you can do to make you enjoy them as much as possible. Want some ideas?

1. Going to the movies

Christmas is often project in many children's films, cartoons. At the billboard you have to choose between Megamind, Mystikal, Tinker Bell and the great rescue, the treasure of King Midas, or Gru, my favorite villain.

Another option is to make popcorn at home and stay in the lounge watching a movie on DVD ever. You can choose as a Christmas movie A Christmas Story, Home Alone, Mickey's Christmas Carol, Miracle on 34th Street, The Grinch or Santa Claus Go!

2. The Museum of Nativity Scenes

A typical activity holiday and I loved as a child is to go to see exhibitions of nativity scenes. The most original are the cribs, the better.

3. Fun Activities

Many cities take advantage of Christmas to put an ice rink. You can take your kids to skate and pass test as you are given to you ... Nothing to see the fence!

Another good idea is to small to the zoo or aquarium, you probably already gone, but they never get tired! See animals will not forget the natural classes during these 15 days ;) .

In addition, most of the towns held Christmas activities like storytelling, plays or playgrounds. Find out about the possibilities of where you live!

4. Things to do at home

At Christmas, there are many fun things to do at home. First, decorate. Put the tree and the crib with the help of your children, but, better yet, make them the ornaments for the tree and clay figurines. Much more fun!

You can also cook a traditional dessert like the gingerbread house , cookies or the roulade of Kings.

But not everything is going to be useful. Want to know some Christmas games?

  • Christmas Theatre: To provide children in the family to devise a play to represent before all the family.
  • Karaoke carols: puts pieces of paper with the name of a carol (each different) in a bag. Each person will have to sing the carol that you touch, if you know it ... get a point!
  • Wrapping Relay: Participants are divided into two groups and placed at some distance from a table with boxes and two rolls of wrapping paper, two scissors and two heats. A participant from each team leaves the starting gun and runs to wrap a package, when done returns to the line and touched his hand to the next. The team that finishes before all the gifts.
  • Frozen Music: Take a CD of carols that children should dance to you to give to stop, then they should stay "still" until the music resumes. Loses to move.

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Rachel Bilson and Sara Carbonero, two very similar styles

sara rachel

Surely not know each other but we if we know them very well. Two of the best dressed women for the Spanish, Sara Carbonero and Rachel Bilson keep many similarities in their looks, especially by day.

Both have brown hair with glints something clearer, not lowered their wedges almost any day of the year, and are addicted to jeans, dress shirts with flowers and basic liberty of all colors you can imagine. We show these items off-road then, which are not separate. Look!

The most striking transformation of the year: Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson

It certainly has been the major physical transformation of 2010: Jennifer Hudson. The actress has lost 25 kilos, and has gone from a size 46 to a 36. I recognize that this girl has always seemed pretty, with and without kilos, and its new image I see rare but highly favored.

The reason for the loss of weight is doubled, staff and the role of the widow of Nelson Mandela, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela in a biopic called Winnie. Hudson has been under the command of the celebrities' personal trainer, Harley Pasternak, who has worked with celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Halle Berry and Eva Mendes.

According to the actress has won this weight because he has practiced jogging and has eaten properly. Besides all this, it has cut the bangs and the hair has been smoothed, and the big change is that you can see in these photographs.

Is not this amazing?

First tracks of the looks of Marta Fernandez, Sara Carbonero Pilar Rubio and New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve-telecinco

Telecinco has released today the promotional images of the stale night, the most anticipated holiday of the year. And we run rapids to show you what are the first hints of the looks that Marta Fernandez, Sara Carbonero, Pilar Rubio will look at New Year's Eve.

We were not misled when we talk about the styles of the presenters of the bells 2011 and so far nothing surprising us. In short, as usual in them, with their long hair in beautiful, very beautiful. Although there are certain elements that give us attention.

Party tiaras and headdresses

Diademas y tocados de fiesta

The tiaras and headdresses are a party accessory and a very special event like weddings, parties, New Year , Christmas , ... are an accessory that gives a touch to your holiday outfits ! Hair accessories are very fashionable!

There are many trends in hair accessories are very varied, tiaras come much simpler or touched other striking models. Perhaps the trend that most leads are the headdresses and tiaras inpiración 20's. They take the original designs, such as tiaras and headdresses stones jewel-like, sequins and all kinds of beads.

Tiaras and headdresses Zara party

Diademas y tocados de fiesta de Zara 2010 2011

€ 5.95
Ref 4837/002

Diademas y tocados de fiesta de Zara 2010 2011

€ 7.95
Ref 1546/213

Diademas y tocados de fiesta de Zara 2010 2011

€ 5.95
Ref 7089/001

Diademas y tocados de fiesta de Zara 2010 2011

€ 4.95
Ref 4837/004

Diademas y tocados de fiesta de Zara 2010 2011

€ 2.95
Ref 2557/002

Diademas y tocados de fiesta de Zara 2010 2011

€ 7.95
Ref 0247/003

Diademas y tocados de fiesta de Zara 2010 2011

€ 2.95
Ref 0247/002

Tiaras and headdresses Stradivarius party

Accesorios de Nochevieja de Stradivarius

The best looks of the famous street with scarves against the winter cold

Look scarf famous street: Blake Lively

With the cold of these days not only get the coat looks of celebrities but also displays all the accessories of the moment to get warm and not bad with a cold fall or a good flu. One of these accessories are scarves stars.

The scarves look famously of all types, in their day and saw Blake Lively go for a wrap of pictures of Burberry. The usual scarf British firm is more than present in the minds of many. But it is the only option, here we go with a few more.

Duel style street looks: Rachel Bilson Vs. Jessica Alba, airport style

Jessica Alba

Back at it again with the duel of styles in the street looks of the famous. After seeing the very tight victory against Sienna Miller Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Biel , it is time for face to face with two heavyweights in the world of trendsetters: Jessica Alba and Rachel Bilson.

Jessica Alba seeks to rob his victory over Rachel Bilson Kristen Bell recently. This time the match is at the airport because of all this traveling for Christmas.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Smoking Girl

Are you tired of wearing always the same? Are you tired of not innovate in your style when you go to a party? We give you the solution and is to be daring and take things very clear to attend a party with one of the trends of winter and the holidays: the female smoking.

Celebrities have already signed up to take some evening parties in recent weeks and the truth is that the results are amazing.

Just combine the male touch tailored suit or tuxedo and wear them with feminine touches in the style of Marlene Dietrich and Diane Keaton.

Leighton Meester, the series 'Gossip Girl', a few days ago she wore a business suit men, with heels, though, and was the sexiest of the place.

Jessica Alba, in addition to using the heel to give that feminine touch, play with the diamond necklace or a clutch with bow and Liv Tyler, who looks with Oxford shoes, giving a feminine touch in the neck tie.

Do you dare? We assure a complete success.

Elle Cover Controversy in India

It's been over a year since the publication of the issue of Elle magazine in which the skin had cleared the Gabourney Sidibe African American actress, star of the movie 'Precious', which appeared on the cover.

Now is the edition that Elle India back to the load and dares to clarify the skin tone of one of the most beautiful women in the world, Indian actress and model Aishwarya Rai.

The actress, who became Miss World in 1994, is considered one of the most beautiful women on the planet and one of the most recognizable actresses in Bollywood, besides having done more than one or two forays into international cinema with great success.

The actress is furious with the outcome of the front and touch your skin that has been submitted and if you want a porcelain-skinned actress looking for another candidate.

A source close to the actress has told the Mumbai Mirror newspaper: "The first reaction was confusion and Aishwarya who believes in these days when women are recognized for their merits and not by the color of their skin. Is investigating whether the touch is real and if so, act thereon. "

What do you think that this kind of tinkering?

New 2011, new purposes

Nuevo año 2011, nuevos propósitos

The 2011 is already there! New year, new resolutions! With the new year, after New Year , plays renew our resolutions! The beginning of a new year invites us back into the routine , to renew our goals and to set new goals! Is saying goodbye to last year, starting in January and a new list of resolutions!

The list of good intentions can be infinite and most colorful! lose weight , go to the gym , recover from Christmas , to find work, study, find love, bought a flat, stop smoking, buy a car ... no doubt best to start a new year is full of energy and positivism to face all the challenges of 2011.

January is an intense month! 2011 begins, we are still the Christmas party, held January 6 plays, start the winter SALES ...

January also is the dreaded cost of January! This month has good and bad, but I prefer to stay with the good, as the arrival of new spring summer collections 2011 and there are also several interesting events, like the Golden Globes, SAG Awards, etc..

What are your new challenges for 2011?

Elsa Pataky's wedding, a child of Paulina Rubio and more in the week Poprosa


First and foremost, Merry Christmas to all. This week we have been in celebration of one of the biggest festivals of the year, but porpose have continued to soldier on giving news and more news of celebrities. So began the Christmas stamp that has left the magazine Hello! with Paulina Rubio featuring your child . In my truth that I found horrendous, is there anyone who could say to shut your mouth?

Of course, if the children speak, I must say that Ali Larter has been mother and the singer Alanis Morissette and Elton John through a surrogate.

Pretty Ballerinas dancers on Valentine's Day gift, or Christmas?


Get ahead of Valentine's Day gift by Reyes and some dancers with great love. Pretty Ballerinas And it has created two special models for the February 14 special date for many lovers but why wait that long? You can buy or make you give away these fun, yet stylish dancing.

In this model dancers have put the funny name "Rosario devil and angel heart", a low cut zebra print design with natural carved and decorated with two hearts that reflect special angel and the little devil in all of us.

A naive model that can combine with all tuarmario jeans, preferably skinny jeans, they look much more, or a solid colored dress.

A second model, also created especially for Valentine's Day, which will show you more in front.