Thursday, December 30, 2010

The bag collection of Victoria Beckham .... at $ 13,000 and out!


As I read it. The prolific mother, singer and designer Victoria Beckham has just launched the perfect complement to your collection of clothing, a handbag collection.

Although the release in question does not take place until a few days, the designer has decided to launch a anticipio of two models in the UK Web Net a Porter. The launch may have gone unnoticed around here if not for the fact that the pouches that blew round of the $ 1,800 to $ 13,000 .... and are exhausted!.


We all expected a collection of reminiscences and inspiration preppy Birkin. And indeed that is not very far from our predictions, perhaps only for a very linear design and "too much? minimalist.

Official site | Victoria Beckham

Via | S tyleite

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