Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The best looks of the famous street with scarves against the winter cold

Look scarf famous street: Blake Lively

With the cold of these days not only get the coat looks of celebrities but also displays all the accessories of the moment to get warm and not bad with a cold fall or a good flu. One of these accessories are scarves stars.

The scarves look famously of all types, in their day and saw Blake Lively go for a wrap of pictures of Burberry. The usual scarf British firm is more than present in the minds of many. But it is the only option, here we go with a few more.

Scarf famous street Look: Mary-Kate Olsen

The British style of the painting on the scarf as well liked Mary-Kate Olsen to the neck, with a lap and a stylish knot. I love the color choice for this time.

Look scarf famous street: Victoria Beckham

The long option shows it Victoria Beckham who chooses a long scarf with a round neck and falling to the leg in gray with a black look, leggings included.

Look scarf famous street: Emma Watson

An option model in between longer and shorter by opting Emma Watson , in black, with a round neck, blazer with a blue jersey and a short floral skirt.

Scarf famous street Look: Rachel Weisz

To attempt to avoid the cold all Rachel Weisz with a beige scarf acting boa constrictor around his neck with various knots and round where it does not go there even a breath of wind. Also added to look a cap and a generous coat.

Look scarf famous street: Kate Winslet

When a choice of different types of knots I stay with that of Kate Winslet with black scarf in letting loose a little more breathing his neck in a look all black.

Scarf famous street Look: Jessica Alba

Although to get along a scarf better take note of Jessica Alba with this add-on blue and black coat in a set perfect ladylike.

Look scarf famous street: Claudia Schiffer

And if we seek something finer in a matter of supplements because it gives us a very warm scarf, the scarf floral pattern of Claudia Schiffer is beautiful.

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In Jared |on the cold come the more sheltered from the looks celebrities: comfort or style?

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