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Christmas plans to do with children

Planes navideños para hacer con niños
Younger children will still remain more than 10 days to return to school and if you're lucky enough to spend the Christmas holidays with them, they may start acabársete the idea of leisure.

And is that these dates are ideal for a good time with family, as many of us have more free time to take the kids to see the cavalcade of the Magi or jointly prepare a dessert for the end of the year.

But there are many other things you can do to make you enjoy them as much as possible. Want some ideas?

1. Going to the movies

Christmas is often project in many children's films, cartoons. At the billboard you have to choose between Megamind, Mystikal, Tinker Bell and the great rescue, the treasure of King Midas, or Gru, my favorite villain.

Another option is to make popcorn at home and stay in the lounge watching a movie on DVD ever. You can choose as a Christmas movie A Christmas Story, Home Alone, Mickey's Christmas Carol, Miracle on 34th Street, The Grinch or Santa Claus Go!

2. The Museum of Nativity Scenes

A typical activity holiday and I loved as a child is to go to see exhibitions of nativity scenes. The most original are the cribs, the better.

3. Fun Activities

Many cities take advantage of Christmas to put an ice rink. You can take your kids to skate and pass test as you are given to you ... Nothing to see the fence!

Another good idea is to small to the zoo or aquarium, you probably already gone, but they never get tired! See animals will not forget the natural classes during these 15 days ;) .

In addition, most of the towns held Christmas activities like storytelling, plays or playgrounds. Find out about the possibilities of where you live!

4. Things to do at home

At Christmas, there are many fun things to do at home. First, decorate. Put the tree and the crib with the help of your children, but, better yet, make them the ornaments for the tree and clay figurines. Much more fun!

You can also cook a traditional dessert like the gingerbread house , cookies or the roulade of Kings.

But not everything is going to be useful. Want to know some Christmas games?

  • Christmas Theatre: To provide children in the family to devise a play to represent before all the family.
  • Karaoke carols: puts pieces of paper with the name of a carol (each different) in a bag. Each person will have to sing the carol that you touch, if you know it ... get a point!
  • Wrapping Relay: Participants are divided into two groups and placed at some distance from a table with boxes and two rolls of wrapping paper, two scissors and two heats. A participant from each team leaves the starting gun and runs to wrap a package, when done returns to the line and touched his hand to the next. The team that finishes before all the gifts.
  • Frozen Music: Take a CD of carols that children should dance to you to give to stop, then they should stay "still" until the music resumes. Loses to move.

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