Wednesday, December 29, 2010

First tracks of the looks of Marta Fernandez, Sara Carbonero Pilar Rubio and New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve-telecinco

Telecinco has released today the promotional images of the stale night, the most anticipated holiday of the year. And we run rapids to show you what are the first hints of the looks that Marta Fernandez, Sara Carbonero, Pilar Rubio will look at New Year's Eve.

We were not misled when we talk about the styles of the presenters of the bells 2011 and so far nothing surprising us. In short, as usual in them, with their long hair in beautiful, very beautiful. Although there are certain elements that give us attention.

First, that although the images came to light yesterday, are not recent. We know this primarily by Sara Carbonero fringe.

Secondly, the position of the presenters on the main picture. And on this promotional photography nothing is coincidence. Pilar Rubio as we have a clear protagonist, because of its position as the color of her dress, which stands above the muted colors of her classmates nude night.

New Year's Eve-telecinco

Could it be that, very wisely, the string you want to associate the promotion with a host of entertainment programs rather than presenting two informative?

In any case, many sequins, dresses, role of Pilar Rubio, elegance of the look of Marta Fernandez, who rightly points out in your comment, and a Sara Carbonero that seems to want a discreet background.

New Year's Eve-telecinco

Hopefully then the final decision of the designers on a night which will deliver what is possibly the biggest match of styles of the year. Will these three divas of the screen their short dresses to surprise us with a beautiful and elegant gowns?

Via | Women terra , Telecinco

Photos | Tvoh , TV Formula

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