Thursday, December 30, 2010

Leighton Meester surprises in Seventeen Magazine

Since you do not need to explain who is Leighton Meester, but to the clueless is a summary: Leighton stars in the series 'Gossip Girl', the most fashionable series television, where she plays Blair Waldorf, a girl from upper-class New York .

In addition to crazy half the world and create a trend with the styles within the series and preppy style, Leighton Meester has been demonstrated in more than one occasion that she, more than Blair Waldorf also has impeccable style and why, and begin rifárselas to large firms (soon we will see the image of the new fragrance from Vera Wang) and stars in a front-page every other month as well.

The U.S. teen magazine Seventeen actress has had 24 years to star in her home in February and the result is spectacular.

With disheveled hair, the most flattering makeup and a colorful dress of Froot Loop, Leighton Meester conquest from the shelves of American newsstands.

The actress is in full promotion of his film 'Country Strong. "

We love the cover, what do you think?

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