Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rachel Bilson and Sara Carbonero, two very similar styles

sara rachel

Surely not know each other but we if we know them very well. Two of the best dressed women for the Spanish, Sara Carbonero and Rachel Bilson keep many similarities in their looks, especially by day.

Both have brown hair with glints something clearer, not lowered their wedges almost any day of the year, and are addicted to jeans, dress shirts with flowers and basic liberty of all colors you can imagine. We show these items off-road then, which are not separate. Look!

Simple basic clothing in colors

Both our dear Sarah, as the beautiful Rachel Bilson are those celebrities who have very good taste in choosing their outfits a day. This exquisite taste that you speak, is based on simplicity, and it-is that both girls (each in its field) is always opting for simple clothing classics like jeans, plain t-shirts or jackets and denim jackets. Here we look composed Sara jeans and navy jacket.

world sara

Rachel meanwhile, also is a stalwart of the jeans, which in this look, combined with jacket in black.

rachel bilson

The basic t love these two beauties. Here's Rachel with combined ecru shirt with jeans and wedges.

rachel bilson

Sara also chose jeans and basic white shirt for this summer that also decorated with a bib necklace of Zara which sold wear it when the girl of the year.

sara coal

Ray Ban addicts and wedge boots

The two styles are big fans of the classic Rayban sunglasses. Sara is opting for the model as Rachel prefers Clubmaster Wayfarer model.


Wayfarer Rachel uses her almost every day of the year as their favorite shoes for a day of non stop. These boots wedge Zara has Sara Carbonero!

rachel bilson

What do you think these similarities?

Photos | Zimbio

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