Saturday, January 29, 2011

24 x 25 exposure shoes Goya Awards


And we enjoy the sketches we see in the upcoming exhibition of Goya Awards shoes. The next 3 and until 13 February, several footwear designers will showcase their own creations, designed for the 25 anniversary of the Goya Awards.

24 × 25 is an exhibition consisting of 24 models created exclusively by some of the best Spanish brands of footwear by reference to one of the winning films, throughout the history of Goya in the category of Best Picture. And today I show the design of Magrit, Sacha London and Paco Herrero.

Magrit has created a colorful fuchsia boots with mink details in a spiral and green lining. A model dedicated to "All About My Mother", Goya for Best Picture in 2000.

Paco Herrero

Paco Herrero has created a black booty with purple tie, dedicated to "The trip to nowhere," Goya for Best Picture in 1987.

The result of this exhibition is the stunning "staging" with which the shoes of Spain want to contribute their grain of sand to the celebration of the silver jubilee of Spanish cinema.


Fun and colorful is the model of Sacha London. Black combined with red, intertwined and bottom strips is dedicated to Back design, Goya for Best Picture in 2007.

In Jared | Shoes from Spain marks the anniversary of the Goya Awards

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