Wednesday, January 26, 2011

5 Zara dress for your 2011 Valentine's date

Valentine 2011

Input confess I do not believe in Valentine's Day, which I think is a stupid day, but social conventions are, and to them each acts in its own way. Many organized a special event to mark the February 14 and others continue to enjoy with your partner as if it were another day, which is what is the end of the day.

For the first here's a recommendation of 5 Zara dresses designed for different types of events. From a dinner in an elegant restaurant to an informal conference in any cafeteria. Come on, what we do every day but thanks to the industry seems to February 14 has to be something special.

Zara dress for Valentine's Day 2011: dinner in an elegant setting

Zara elegant Valentine 2011

Since we look for something more stylish can choose to join the white fashion step further with the dress for the upcoming Spring-Summer 2011. This crochet-sleeve dress is amazing. Minimalist and classy. With black shoes or sandals will not fail. Complements the righteous, less is more. For 69.95 euros.

Zara dress for Valentine's Day 2011: dinner at a modern site

Valentine modern Zara 2011

If we look at a modern site an even more minimalist look, or rather, very striking, depending on the local style. And of course, our own style, because it does nothing to change. I like this Zara white dress with zipper front. Simple but very curious, with two large pockets on the front. I also like how they combine with high heels in a striking blue. For 49.95 euros.

Zara dress for Valentine's Day 2011: informal dinner at a site

Valentine informal Zara 2011

I love polka dots, tiny or larger, a different one for every occasion. If we think of an informal dinner at a place like this dress is always great. French Sleeve without cleavage, halfway up the leg, combined with some black flats. For 29.95 euros.

Zara dress for Valentine's Day 2011: a romantic dinner at home

Zara Home Valentine 2011

Or we do not like going out or staying home enjoying a more intimate dinner. Whatever the reason chosen also plays a little care, no follow or scruffy tracksuit. Nor pompous choose something that would go up looking foolish. Maybe something simple like this design in blue with a black belt notching the dress and the lower edge. For 39.95 euros.

Valentine color Zara 2011

Another option is this younger Zara Trafaluc red dress that is perfect for the coming months. For 15.95 euros.

Zara dress for Valentine's Day 2011: we go canes

Valentine Trafaluc Zara 2011

I've just put ideas for dinner because it is the most frequent and do not think anyone will mark a good party for a day as "intimate" like this one, let alone a Monday. At best we're going to cane but this we do not need to be Valentine's Day or St. Pancras. As such have to go more casual and comfortable. I think the younger audience which is why choose this dress from Zara Trafaluc. For 19.95 euros.

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