Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Advance of the Spring-Summer 2011 Mango


Some blogs I love brands. Updated with new clothes every so often, looks and proposals. We are seeing a good change for some years now. Before they took care not both these details and now we have a blog like Mango under the name Keep the beat , which is just that.

In today's update gives us a small snack in the form of advance of the new Spring-Summer 2011. The catalog is being launched in February but we can go looking through something that will be thanks to the backstage footage.

Trends Spring-Summer 2011 by Mango

Mango Spring-Summer 2011 University

A sneak peek at these trends in Spring-Summer 2011 Mango cover college style. Sweatshirts and looks very young.

Mango Pink Spring-Summer 2011

The domain pink in any outfit. Here as a blazer.

Spring-Summer 2011 Mango Point

Follow the point sweaters.

Mango Soft Spring-Summer 2011

Looks beige and very soft colors.

Mango White Spring-Summer 2011

White dresses, many wearing white.

Spring-Summer 2011 Mango black

And the timeless black dress asymmetrical.

A wait for the complete catalog promises.

Photos | Keep the beat

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