Friday, January 28, 2011

Begins the week of Haute Couture Paris

A few days ago started in Paris Haute Couture Week in Paris.

Yes, yes, as you read the Haute Couture is here and the great designers wear their best clothes to show their unique couture designs for spring 2011, only a few (can count on the fingers of one hand) may look and enjoy .

Christian Dio signature r, from the hand of John Galliano, was responsible for opening the week of haute couture, with a collection inspired artwork of René Gruau, whose work in the 40 and 50, composed the imagery more mythical French firm, which still exists today.

In the library with the most luxurious fabrics, we found the style of the 50 and 60 both have seen this winter, corseted waists and skirts to the knee with a lot of fabric.

Of course, all with the spirit and dramatic theatrical John Galliano know how to give Christina Dior: chiaroscuro, played impossible and all accompanied with trabajop great makeup and hair, very white skin, very red lips, very strong and waves Mirdad sixties in her hair.

As if we were in an Alfred Hitchcock movie, but multiplied by 4. A feminine and confident.

What do you think the start of the week of Haute Couture in Paris?

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