Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bershka proposals for Valentine's Day

heart sunglasses

Bershka want both their adherents and followers who have decided to launch a mini-collection, which belongs to the Spring-Summer and then you can already find in their stores, dedicated to St. Valentine, the most romantic day of the year.

Articles of apparel and accessories for women with a certain Lolita, ideal for blending with each other on February 14 or any day you feel like you dazzle when time permits. How are you sunglasses that we have been delighted to Jared: red and not suitable for the most timid. Run before you run out and you can use this summer lying in your hammock while the sun tans you.

But we have more items for you to see, so read on and form your favorite Valentine's Day when you walk through a store Bershka.

Red and pink are two colors that years ago would never think of mixing ... but now if we can, because it is a combination that is very, very fashionable. These dancers are beautiful and super feminine.


Another model shows Bershka dancers, with polka dots in black under color of fashion, makeup.


A red bag is essential in any wardrobe, and it's great mixed with colors like black or white, but colors like green or blue. Dare!

tie bag

A Valentine planazo would travel to Paris for the day, but if you can afford it and dreams of this jersey looks sailor with a message.

black paris

We love this dress, because he has everything to become a terrain in summer dress: chilly, in a comfortable and very delicate tissue. Ideal to wear with flat shoes every day.

red dress

The best thing is that we also have the option skirt. Play with it and do not you adhere to mix it with plain white shirts and black t-shirt with a message in another color can look great. You can also opt for a sleeveless white shirt buttoned to the top, we are sure you like the result.

red skirt

We ended up with a supplement to the head, with this simple accessory managed to give a little life to almost any style.

red headband

Do you like Bershka proposals for Valentine?

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