Saturday, January 22, 2011

Best of Berlin Fashion Week

berlin fashion week perret

We saw the looks of some invited to Fashion Week Berlin as Chloë Sevigny or Agyness Deyn, but Jared still have to show you the best of the shows that have taken place in the German capital.

Many designers unknown to us, but nothing like putting the batteries to know who are the bosses in the fashion industry in Germany. And Berlin is, today, one of the world's coolest cities. Nothing like Berlin to go shopping!

Next, a detailed summary of the best of Berlin Fashion Week. Look!

One year, the presence of earth tones

The camel has been, without doubt, the color of the year 2010. Well, it seems, that for the coming winter, the camel will reign in the streets and in stores. In Berlin, we have seen in Kaviar Gauche: a beautiful gown in a sand color.

Kaviar Gauche

Kaviar Gauche camel has also used to paint silhouettes clean clothes as the monkey, who seems to follow a year looking for their place in the cabinets.

Kaviar Gauche

Blacky Dress has included the range on his show, a camel, stronger than a very mild winter fabrics.

blacky dress

Layers also reappear, in neutral colors like that Lily Cole looks at the parade of Anja Cockel.

Anja Gockel

Black and now also orange

In winter it is the rare designer who does not include black on their shows. Here is a dress with black protagonist signed by Anja Gockel.

Anja Gockel

Blacky Dress has also shown some designs on the king of all-season color.

blacky dress

Unrath & Strano has also played with this color in a shape much more sexy and sophisticated, more to the night for the day.


Dawid Tomaszewski saw in the black for the night, playing with makeup that makes false color effect pretending to be the skin tone. A proposal delicate and glamorous. We love it!


Orange is definitely the color of this season, but so will you be when the cold press. Schumacher has been chosen as one of the key colors in your collection.


Combined with fuchsia flowers and a bold mix, colorful and super modern.


Patterns in Berlin Fashion Week

The geometric patterns are still present. We have seen in tissues such as the color point and the most animated Csere Percival.

Percival Csere

Also in winter colors like gray and black. A prpetgeometric sta genial of Percival Csere r.

Percival Csere

Floral prints have also had their role. This proposal is one of our favorites, and very sophisticated lady of one of the most successful shows have had: Mongrels in Common.

mongrels in common

Something like the proposal of Schumacher, with more flowers that look so glamorous and fifties that we love.


The small details of German fashion

Supplements are no longer in gold, silver or bronze to go to items such as plastic Fluorescent colors, bold trend and not suitable for everyone. This image is the parade of Percival Csere.

Percival cres

Bags for the winter are coming in size XXL. Like this, wonderful skin Kaviar Gauche.


Dawid Tomaszewski also bet on the maxi-leather bags.

Kaviar g

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