Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Collaboration and Manolo Blahnik Tous


When I read this collaboration has surprised me much, because the first thing I thought is what has to see the bear with the Manolos? nothing ... well, the issue is not about bears but shoes.

I tell you. Both firms have joined forces to become the legendary jewel Campari shoe model, one of the most emblematic models known Spanish designer. Created in 1994, Campari has been popularized and become an icon through various films and television series, has looked especially Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex in New York.

In addition, Manolo Blahnik and Rosa Oriol met over lunch in Madrid. He was watching his elegance and the bear-shaped pendant that looked and had the idea of making jewelry the "Campari, the mary jane style shoe best known. A Rose loved the idea and the result is a pendant with a diamond as a button.

So within two months will see the first collection of jewelry made shoes Tous hand. In the month of March, you will find both in stores and jewelry firm in Manolo Blahnik.


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