Saturday, January 22, 2011

Colour Trends Spring-Summer 2011


We have seen that the experts talk about the honeysuckle and the tone character of 2011. A beautiful color halfway between red and pink, which until now did not even know existed. But it is the only color that we'll be happy eyes this Spring-Summer 2011.

The seasonal trends are varied and for every taste and color trends for spring-summer which accompany them are not far behind. I really like in rainbow plan what we offer the runway, I remember that beach days are not so far as it seems. Let these fashionable colors:

The pink, the color of fashion

Honeysuckle will not only streets and shop windows. All shades of pink, from salmon, to coral, to fuchsia, will be the masters of summer 2011. Good news for all those that we like to see life in pink.

2011 Pink

Blue, a classic sailor style

blue sky

An eternal every summer, the blue color of the sea and sky on sunny days again this summer. From the lighter shades of blue (which are the easiest to match) to the darker tones such as blue ink, which can replace the black for the most elegant evenings.

blue ink

White, to give birth to summer


White also has very strong this summer, especially in a total look and without any color you remove role. Ideal for the minimalist looks that are with us this season.

Bright colors like orange, yellow or turquoise

We expect a vibrant summer, and the colors speak for themselves, without requiring anything more for looks more impressive. Those who are brave with lemon ...

lemon yellow

... The most intense orange ...


... And the always flattering turquoise.


Earth tones

tierra2 tones

If we are more discreet when it comes to dressing, we can decant by earth tones, which also claim their space this spring / summer 2011. From the darker tones (close to the color tile), the lightest (a sand color, like the nude has been taken so far), you will see on dresses, blouses, skirts, and pants.

earth tones

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