Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Continue the styles of Pilar Rubio at the Gala 2 OT ..... and continue to criticism


We are not here to talk about pop stars, coos or how many presents, and how not. Let's talk about Pilar Rubio, fashion, cloths and styles. Put forward their choices of clothing in his new challenge "winner?, Have a good thing, risk, the risk but sometimes ends in tragedy. And it was not hard to predict what would bring their styles in OT tail, as they did those of MQB.

It all started in the presentation of OT, with my beautiful Pilar in La Noria, with horrendous shoes and yet attracted the attention of the audience , interrupting the interview the presenter to ask for his signature, Iron First.

Did it improve the thing in the Gala 0? Judging from your comments , there has been general disagreement in the findings. And how has it continued? Then with a skirt which certainly should be in the "annals of TV-style."


The group Kiss splashed with their long tongues and white makeup skirt in question, the designer Maya Hansen.


With these data it seems clear that the styling department is leaving "do" the blonde, not in vain for an item for over a year in Reason, argued that the styles in MQB were not to his liking and was eager Pilar Maya stick corsets.


It appears that the gossip and fashion blogs this new direction in dress rocker is not being very well received. What do you think? "Right or wrong?

Via | Telecinco

Photos | Lady Chena

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