Thursday, January 27, 2011

COS opens its first store in Madrid

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Yes! The time has come! There were many who hoped that Cos landed in the Spanish capital. And the month of May, our dream will come true.

The store COS, Collection of Style, belongs to the Swedish H & M and is a delight. The site will be the number 53-55 in Claudio Coello Street in the heart of Salamanca district of Madrid. 500 M store for lovers of the firm and the fourth store COS Spain.

Then, more details and some of the items that can be found soon in Madrid.

COS is a real joy for lovers of fashion and that no fashionista in northern Europe that does not include the COS between their favorite store when you go shopping.

cos skirt

The palette of colors that are entering a COS store, is simple and austere, almost without patterns, but nevertheless we are in a boring store, on the contrary! His grace lies in reinventing the classic dress clothes like black, beige trench coat or shirt dresses.

raincoat cos

Clothing easily combined with a better finish than those of H & M and higher prices without being outrageous.

sailor cos t

COS also offers accessories section. Unlike you may find at H & M, their shoes are far more quality and materials like leather or suede. No to plastic!

cos brogues

In short, a new direction in our agenda to include stores in Madrid.

Photos | COS , United Fashion

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