Wednesday, January 26, 2011

H & M recycles leftover Lanvin collection

Interesting. Read by the network that H & M has used the scraps and pieces of cloth and different materials left over to create the Lanvin collection to a new and colorful collection that have called, appropriately, Waste Collection (Waste Collection).

It's nice to know that the Swedish firm, which is one of the best-selling brands around the world thanks to its affordable prices and its application of the latest trends in clothing, take advantage of every last bit of excess fabric to create new brands and do not throw anything away.

Because in times of crisis you know, do not waste anything.

Although there may be in all stores (intuit that if comes to Spain, may be only at a store in Madrid or Barcelona), the result of the Waste Collection is the most original and interesting, very colorful and very pop prints.

What do you think the Waste Collection? Do you think it's a good idea to use the leftover pieces from other collections to create new ones?

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