Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hoss Summer 2011 campaign. Can you be beautiful to rage, top of tops and renowned photographer?


Can she. Discover in the video for Chris Isaak Wicked Game many years ago would not remember, was to stay bowlegged "could be fairer? As a young Brooke Shields, Helena Christensen made us sigh for wanting her lips, her long straight hair, the pose of girl "who knows a lot" and cavorting with Isaak on the beach. And is that as we speak in another post, sometimes the past and present of the queens of the red carpet far many miles , but when it comes to Helena, was born, grew and matured which Greek goddess.

She followed years of glory, can not forget their campaigns for Versace, his constant appearances in the press. Top among the tops, now a photographer among photographers. And HOSS INTROPIA has endorsed to portray the spirit of the firm in his Spring-Summer 2011.


The images that you see belong to the presentation of their collaboration as a photographer and understand, as part of the image catalog. If you want more, in stores in February.

Official Site | Hoss

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