Monday, January 24, 2011

How to wear jeans in the office?

Work3 jeans

In principle, a proposal may seem unrealistic, the Cowboys are kings of the casual style and in most offices require a certain label, but not too formal, does not allow any styling. But if the dress code in your office is not too strict or whether to allow casual fridays, these ideas will come in handy.

To wear jeans in the office, it is best to opt for darker shades of blue jeans, black, gray, or with a few washes. As for the court, the best are the classics, like a cowboy straight or bootcut. Cigarettes are also permitted provided they are not too tight. Yes, the ripped jeans or boyfriend type are totally discarded.

When combined, choose classic pieces like white shirts, gray coats, blazers in black or camel or a trench.

Cowboys work 2

And bring your spirits with trendy accessories: high heels, long gloves, a necklace or a colorful bag fashion. Who said you could not be stylish and comfortable at once?

Working cowboys

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