Friday, January 28, 2011

News in the Pasarela Cibeles, and we have the calendar!

official calendar

Finally you can display the calendar of shows for the next edition of the Madrid Fashion Week, better known to us as the Pasarela Cibeles , where we see the collections for next autumn-winter 2011/2012 showed us the different designers. The walkway begins on Friday 18 until Tuesday 23 February, and ends on 23 Ego.

Also, this week has begun the casting of models made by designers with the company for the management of the designers.

What we see in Cibeles? Then the news and always faithful.

official logo

Gateway OFF.

One of the great innovations in this edition is that there will be a very powerful gateway Off, which includes parades coming designers and others who already have a place in the Spanish fashion scene. The dates of the glamorous parade and festivities will be from 16 until 21 February.

Sable space.

In Cibelespacio, the leisure of Cybele that both you like, is where different activities: music, beauty, and you can make up and even paint your nails in different sets of beauty, or even soothe a little chocolate .


And best of all is the showroom space of the Ego, which will include the presence of 37 designers, and will be located in a much wider space to enjoy our time shopping more vey.

Design your shirt sable.


Since the last edition, there has been a design competition is to find the best drawing or idea and translate it into a shirt. The three finalists are the three models, and the winning T-shirt, limited edition will go on sale at the official store of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week.


And the third option:


I'll stick with the bodice.

Beauty Cibeles.

Again, this year's fashion will host the awards sponsored by the firm L'Oreal Paris makeup artist and hairdresser's official gateway, which is addressed to the best designers and collections presented as well as the outstanding model of all This year's parade.


Photo Gallery

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