Monday, January 24, 2011

Olivia Palermo reappears


This girl is unstoppable. Today is a world away and tomorrow is in the other. That's how busy is your life: calls worldwide at a party and it is presented. And is that being a good socialite was never easy. The last week we announced the appearance of Olivia Palermo in Qatar for the launch of a new fashion magazine called Haute Muse Magazine. Today I teach more photos of his visit to the city, where the glamorous parties and were a constant.

And of course, for a feast of high-crested night, what should you wear? It because the girl did not hesitate a moment and slipped a long dress to toe in black velvet and white silk sheets. The model was most covered and demure, as it is located in a country where soundly teaching is not very well seen. And it is great for this: it adapts to every situation perfectly. The dress was risky, very risky, not many people would have sat as well as her, but what you have. So it is famous: put what gets almost always scores well. To spice up your outfit opted for a clutch and shoes (although the picture is not appreciated) in fuchsia pink and signed by Jimmy Choo. And the girl knows how to choose and he loves the big firms. The dress is taken from the Autumn / Winter 2011 of Das. Seeing as he sits at the model's dress, I prefer the attitude of Olivia Palermo, while not a garment that I had chosen to wear it. ... Too much


But here no end of outfits. Because the next night was another party, this time more informal. And of course, by then opted for something comfortable and chic, its famous leather leggings, good dancers and a pledge, a fur vest star.


It is signed by Tory Burch, a brand that is raging among celebrities (especially his line of shoes and accessories).


And of course, as she is the queen of recycling, last week attended the premiere of 'No Strings Attached', film stars Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher. And of course then came up with a look with clothing used in many of his previous outings.


Yes, your look is composed of layers and layers. The dress black leather we used it in mid-October and the signing Cos. On that occasion it was combined with a color salon shoes Kurt Geiger mustard.


Dress up again using the vest Tory Burch, shown above. And the feet dressed in a black lace boots signed by Diane Von Furstenberg (signature of which is Public Relations).


What look is better?

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