Monday, January 31, 2011

Paris Hilton by Terry Richardson on the cover of Vogue Turkey


An explosive combination is not it? Join Paris Hilton, the queen of blonde dye and strass trash, with the king of irreverence and before quasi-pornographic photo Terry Richardson was a difficult challenge. And Vogue Turkey decided to accept it in its February issue. We can judge the result of the sum. A well recatadita Paris Hilton borrows the iconic Terry glasses and dresses or dress leather jacket Balmain. In this he joins his facial expression and mouth hackneyed and pinion Am I naive or a bad girl?.

You can not say that is not beautiful, what about the idea?

What about glasses? "Finally we decided to get hold of those nerd glasses, among whom I meet, they do not see any grace?

Not that Paris Hilton is customary in the covers of Vogue, but we predict that this is the continuation of a relationship and take her to Paris Vogue.


Photo | Fashionista

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