Saturday, January 29, 2011

Paris Hilton on the cover of Vogue Turkey

More covers. Now it's the turn of the heiress and socialite Paris Hilton, who stars in the cover of the new issue of the Turkish edition of Vogue.

Photographed by legendary photographer Terry Richardson, the trace of this famous and controversial photographer on the cover is clear is that the rich young man wears the traditional photographer's eyeglasses, which have become their greatest hallmark.

On the cover, Paris Hilton continues his work as a designer, singer, presenter and 'perfume' wears a red shirt and a jacket with studs Balmain.

It seems that Paris Hilton is sitting head and his appearances in editorials like this are beginning to be modernized and glamorized a bit. We will have to see where the celebrity out now, but the truth is that has done well with this cover.

What do you think the cover of Paris Hilton?

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