Thursday, January 27, 2011

Prada eyewear collection presents its Baroque Minimal


..... And does it with pictures that have left me with a sigh. In various techniques and out of the creative minds of different illustrators, Bisignano, Marcela Andrea Gutierrez and Tarell, the resulting work is a wonder more than worthy of his patron Miuccia.

A graphical marvel that makes one wonder, "beyond the signature campaign by Steven Meisel? "Josephine Bakers outweigh their flapper style and colorful patterns and stripes? I leave to your discretion, but from what I have no doubt that these works of art may well hang the bedroom wall of an "it girl."


I leave you with my favorite. They have no soul but it seems to reflect the collection. They have volume, but these women appear as real as the ladies who walk lofty jet from Milan.



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