Monday, January 24, 2011

The print comes stomping galactic

net a porter

Months ago we saw the British designer Christopher Kane had great success thanks to your designs with lace, leather and embroidered flowers. This season's turn to print nebula: clothes that evoke the purely spatial and that, too, are the latest trend among celebrities and mortals.

We have seen with their designs to celebrities like Carey Mulligan and Anne Hathaway, but there are others who choose this type of pattern, whether or not signed by Kane for their looks daily. Want to see how are these clothes? Keep reading.

The actress who little by little and with his own merit is becoming an icon of fashion, Carey Mulligan, did not want to miss this trend. And so it came to heating to a red carpet a few months ago. Without doubt, a look that has won him many fans.


Anne Hathaway also decided to design Kane look at one of its presentations of the new movie that stars with the handsome Jake, Love and other drugs. " Anne looked great with a classic look a little less fussy than she usually chooses. Hathaway Viva modern version!

anne hathaway

And, these dresses are being nebula of the most sought after and copied. If you have enough capital, you can get to yours at Net-a-porter and dazzle everyone at your next event.


If your pocket does not give you to make a design of Christopher Kane, you have to look at other stores, as did Tahti. The blogger known for her long red hair and his taste for fashion and cuisine, has also been inspired by this trend. She used the pattern in some leggings that combines with a total black look.


Do you also fall into the galactic trend?

Photos | Net-a-Porter , Zimbio , Tahti

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