Sunday, January 23, 2011

Proposals halftime Pull & Bear Spring-Summer 2011

pull and bear halftime 2011

We rushing the sales items, and no longer break, we invade the spring collections. But still the time did not allow us great joy, so the spring-summer collections are going to offer a light touch but adapted to the cold spring that still persists.

Pull & Bear offers us three looks perfect for halftime with clothes that can be found already in the shops (yes, I'm afraid they are no longer discounted.)

And the halftime looks are not as secret in the fall, continue to use summer clothes suited to the tones in autumn and in spring, winter clothing continue sheltering but which are smoothed based pastels and happy summer. In addition, we can afford clothes from different seasons mix: skirts with scarves, shorts with plaid shirts and short looks to boot.

pull and bear green skirt

The best way to get a double out of the clothes, to serve us for several months. I, for now, I suggest these ideas to Pull & Bear Spring-Summer 2011.

bear pull spring 2011

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